How to Draw Goku – A Step by Step Guide

Goku Drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

Dragonball Z is one of the most popular series in the world! This action series has spanned anime shows, movies, video games, different spin-offs and many more.

At the center of the series is the hero Goku who uses his powers to save people and do good for the world. He also has a really cool visual design, which can make it lots of fun to learn how to draw Goku.

This can be easier said than done unless you know what to do, and luckily this guide will show you everything you need to know!

We hope you have an awesome time recreating this iconic hero in this step-by-step guide on how to draw Goku.

How To Prepare For This Goku Drawing

When you look at the images ahead of you in this guide on how to draw Goku, it may seem like it will be an insurmountable challenge. He has a really detailed design, and there are so many details to depict on his clothing as well.

There are some ways that you can make your drawing so much easier to do, however! The anime style that Goku is drawn in is fairly accurate to real human proportions.

Naturally, his physique is quite exaggerated, but the pose is pretty realistically proportioned. One way you can make this drawing easier would be to get someone to recreate the pose.

They don’t need to look like Goku exactly, but it would probably be best to find someone who is an adult, as they will have similar proportions. Then, you can look at them and see how the pose should look in real life.

You can also look at diagrams of human musculature online to help you to prepare. Even though the muscle details are a bit exaggerated, they’re still fairly accurate to real muscles.

Then, we would also recommend that you use different pencils to help you plan out your drawing. Even the artists on the show will use pencil sketches to plan out the drawings, so it isn’t cheating!

Sketching out a rough version of the character before beginning the final drawing can make it so much easier when you start drawing the final drawing.

Finally, we would also recommend using the main source of the character. You can freeze frames from the shows and movies that Goku appears in and use them as additional resources.

Looking up images of him online could also help! Then, we can begin the first steps of the guide.


how to draw Goku in 6 steps

How to Draw Goku – Let’s get Started!

Step 1drawing Goku step 1

One of Goku’s most distinguishing features is his black, spiky hair, and that’s what we will start with in this first step of our guide on how to draw Goku.

To do this, we will be using some slightly curved lines that end in pointy shapes for the spikes. These can be a little difficult to get right, so be sure to follow the reference image closely!

Then, you can use some rounded lines for the ears and jaw of his face under the hair.

Then you’re ready for step 2 of the guide!

Step 2 – Now, draw the face and chest for Gokudrawing Goku step 2

For the second step of this Goku drawing we will be drawing the face and chest details for him. First, use some straight and curved lines for his eyes and eyebrows, along with some smaller ones for his nose and mouth.

Then we will be drawing his chest, and this part could be a bit tricky as well! Goku’s design is very detailed, and there will be lots of lines for his muscle definition and even more for his clothing.

Be sure to follow the reference image very closely as you draw, as it will help you to get the details and proportions for this part of the drawing.

Step 3 – Next, draw his sleeves and his first legdrawing Goku step 3

Continuing on with this step of our guide on how to draw Goku, we will be adding some more of his outfit. First, you can use some straighter lines for the sleeves of his outfit.

Then, we will be using some horizontal lines for his belt. With these drawn, we will be drawing his first leg on the left.

Much like the top, there are a lot of creases in the fabric, so there will be a lot of tricky line details. Once again, as long as you follow the guide closely then you will have it done in no time!

Step 4 – Draw the other leg for Gokudrawing Goku step 4

You’ve done one leg for your Goku drawing so far, and in this one we will add the other leg.

To do this, simply replicate the other leg that you have already drawn. With that leg done, we can then add his boots.

It will be drawn using both some round and straight lines, and then there will be some straps tied around it.

Once these legs and shoes are complete, we have just a few details to add before you color Goku in.

Step 5 – Now, finish off your Goku drawingdrawing Goku step 5

In this fifth step of our guide on how to draw Goku, we will be finishing off by drawing his arms. They will be bent and end in closed fists to make him look ready for action.

His arms are very muscular, which can also make it tricky to get right. Once again, it would be recommended to replicate the lines in the reference drawing as closely as you can.

Once you have drawn the arms, you have finished the drawing! Before you move on, you could also add some details of your own.

Perhaps you could draw a background to replicate your favorite Dragonball Z scene, or you could draw some characters to go with him.

You could also add some details to his outfit to change it up a bit or change some aspects like his facial expression or pose.

There are so many options available to you, so be sure to have fun with it and get creative as you have fun finishing off this image!

Step 6 – Finish off your Goku drawing with some colordrawing Goku step 6

You have reached the final step of your Goku drawing, and now you can have some fun finishing off with some colors!

Goku’s outfit has some bright orange for most of it with some dark blues for the other aspects.

Then he has some dark black for his hair, but if you wanted to show him in his super-Saiyan form then you could use some bright yellow for his hair instead!

Then you can decide what art mediums you will use to achieve the colors that you want. Some colored pens and markers could be great for some brighter colors that will be similar to the colors in the show.

You could also use some watercolors or colored pencils for some more subdued colors if you would prefer that kind of look for the drawing.

What colors and art mediums will you use to finish off your Goku drawing?

5 Tips To Make Your Goku Drawing Even Better!

These powerful tips will show you how to make this Goku drawing even cooler!

Goku has many incredible powers, and these are often shown visually. You could show him gathering his power by adding these power effects using simple lines surrounding him.

Then, you can add color to these effects to make it look like this Goku sketch is right out of the anime! Do you have a favorite Goku power move that you would like to use for this particular page?

The Dragonball series is full of many memorable characters, but there are also tons of iconic locations. You could use one of these locations to draw an awesome background for Goku here.

If you were to do this, you can consult the anime to find your favorite locations and then replicate it here. That is a fun and easy way to take this drawing of Goku to the next level!

This character goes through many different forms and transformations depending on the situation. Usually, these forms will be represented in the shape and color of his hair.

This would be easy to add to this drawing once you have mastered it. Once again, you can refer to the show to see how it should look, and then you can create various different versions of this Goku drawing.

We mentioned that the series is full of many amazing characters, and you could add some to this page.

Now that you can draw Goku, we are sure you would be able to draw his allies and enemies. Simply grab some pictures of your favorite characters, follow the guide and change the details to create these new characters.

You can also make this Goku sketch even better by playing with color and mediums. If you changed him to one of his Saiyan forms, then you will want to match the colors to each form.

These could include yellows and blues depending on the form. It’s fun to try out unusual art tools and mediums as well, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Your Goku Drawing is Complete!

All six steps of this guide on how to draw Goku are complete, and you have ended up with an incredible drawing!

This was a tricky drawing because of all the details, so in this guide we aimed to break it down into smaller steps so that it would be easier to manage. Hopefully it was easy and fun for you to do!

Don’t forget that you can also take this drawing even further with your own details.

We mentioned a few ideas such as drawing a background or some more characters, but these are just a few ideas. What else can you think of to put your own spin on this picture?

We have tons of incredible guides for you on our website, so be sure to visit us there! We upload new ones frequently so be sure to swing by often.

Please be sure to share your finished Goku drawing with us on our Facebook and Pinterest pages, as we can’t wait to see your artwork!

Here Is A Goku Sketch To Inspire You!

goku sketch

Goku is truly one of the most beloved characters in all of anime. He has a distinctive look with his spiky hairstyle and clothing, and now you can recreate him as well.

You have seen the steps in the guide, but now you have one more Goku sketch for kids to use as a reference. Our artist Freddy created this awesome depiction of a young Goku to help and inspire you.

This captures all of the main aspects of the character, and it shows you all of the details you need to include. When you add your own colors, you could make his hair black to make him look like his normal self.

Or, you could show off his Super Saiyan side by making his hair bright yellow. You could also draw a background to finish it off nicely!

How to draw Goku in 6 easy steps

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