Easy Apple Tree Craft for Kids

As part of the fall season, do you have a learning unit all about apples? If so, we have the perfect apple craft to add to it. This easy apple tree craft is great for preschoolers and kindergartners. Kids will get great scissor cutting practice by cutting out the apple tree circles and tree trunks. Then they can practice controlling a glue bottle by adding dots of glue all of their trees. Adding all of the sequin apples is great for working the fine motor muscles in the hands too.

How to Make an Easy Apple Tree Craft for Kids

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1. Begin by cutting a strip along the bottom of your lighter green cardstock to use for grass. Glue it onto the bottom of your light blue cardstock.

2. Use a pencil to trace a cup on your darker green cardstock three times. Cut out each of the circles and glue them in the middle of your light blue cardstock.

3. Cut out three rectangle tree trunks from your brown cardstock. Glue them onto each apple tree on your light blue cardstock.

4. Use a brown marker to draw lines down the trunks of all of your apple trees to give them some fun texture. This step is totally optional, I just like the way it looks.

Your easy apple tree craft is almost complete!

5. Add dots of school glue on each of your apple trees. Then place a red sequin on each of the glue dots to finish your easy apple tree craft. Easy, peasy right?!

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