How to Draw A Donut – A Step by Step Guide

Donut Drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

Everyone loves a good donut! These tasty treats come in all shapes, sizes and variations, and there is a donut to suit pretty much any taste!

They have been made even more famous in TV shows and movies as the go-to snack of everything from cartoon dads to quirky FBI agents.

Donuts often come with bright colors and delicious flavors, and with all the options there are, it can be just as fun to make and design a donut as it is to eat them!

If you would like to design your own delicious donut, then this guide is for you!

Out step by step guide on how to draw a donut will have you designing your own sweet treats to draw donut in 6 steps

How to Draw A Donut – Let’s get Started!

Step 1donut drawing step 1

Donuts are by their very nature quite round, so it makes sense that we would start this guide on how to draw a donut with some round shapes.

For this step, you will want to use a pencil for one part and your pen for the other.

Using your pen, carefully draw a flat oval shape for the outer edge of the donut. Then, you can use your pencil to draw another oval inside of it that will become the hole of the donut.

We will use a pencil for the donut hole for now, as we will be adding detail to it later on in this guide.

Step 2 – Draw some detail on the donut holedonut drawing step 2

We mentioned before that we will be drawing some details to the donut hole, so let’s do just that for this part of your donut drawing!

Using your pen, you can draw a rougher oval over the pencil one. Near the top of this oval, you can draw some curved lines coming down, and this will represent the icing dripping down into the hole.

Step 3 – Finish off the donut hole in this stepdonut drawing step 3

We will be creating a 3D effect to this 2D drawing in step 3 of this guide on how to draw a donut. To do this, simply draw a horizontal, curved line inside the donut hole below the dripping icing.

This will give a nice 3D effect to the donut hole and will add some depth to your donut drawing.

Step 4 – Draw some icing onto your donutdonut drawing step 4

The structure of your donut drawing is looking great, so let’s bring it all together with some great details in these final steps!

For this part, we will be adding some delicious icing to the top of the donut. To do this, simply draw a curvy line near the base of the donut, with some sharp dips to represent the icing dripping down.

Such a simple detail really helps to make this tasty donut look even more delectable.

Step 5 – Now, you can add in the final details of your donut drawingdonut drawing step 5

In step 5 of our guide on how to draw a donut, we will finish off the final details. We will show you how we finished off our drawing, but this is a step where you can also show off your own creativity!

We drew some small lines and circular shapes to give the effect of glazing and sprinkles on the donut.

You could take this even further with your own details! Perhaps you could draw your own favorite donut toppings or glaze onto this donut drawing. You could also draw a background for the drawing.

For example, maybe the donut could be on a plate next to a steaming mug of coffee!

Maybe you could even draw a hand reaching for the delicious donut or show us what tasty treat you think would go well with your donut.

This is definitely a step where you should let your imagination go wild as you make this picture unique to you!

How will you finish off this drawing before the final step?

Step 6 – Finish off your donut drawing with some colordonut drawing step 6

This sixth and final step of your donut drawing is all about having lots of fun coloring in your incredible picture!

We used a tasty-looking pink for the icing of our donut, yet while this s one look you could use, this is a step where you should let your creativity run wild.

Donuts can have icing that comes in any color you can think of, so that opens you up to some incredible color choices.

For this kind of drawing, it might look nice to use some bright and vibrant colors that will make this image pop!

I especially think that some bright mediums such as acrylic paint, colored pens or markers would suit this image perfectly.

That being said, if you prefer a more muted look to the picture, something like watercolors or colored pencils would also look very pretty.

If you’re feeling extra crafty, you could even incorporate extras like glitter, stickers or beads onto the icing to make this donut look tasty enough to eat!

Your Donut Drawing is Complete!

This brings us to the end of this step-by-step guide on how to draw a donut. We hope that this guide was helpful and fun for you to use in order to create a delicious, wonderful donut!

Now that you have mastered this guide, you could use it to create even more donut variations of your own design.

There are lots of ways available to you that you can employ to create even more great-looking donuts.

You could change the shape of the donuts, create some unique toppings or incorporate some fun art mediums to really make the drawing come to life!

You could even use thick glitter glue coming out the center to create a jelly donut that is bursting with delicious jelly inside.

Now that you have completed your donut drawing, there’s more fun to be had! We have lots of great step-by-step drawing guides on our website, and we have many more coming out all the time.

Be sure to check in regularly to join the fun!

We would also be thrilled to see the creative way that you finish your donut drawing, so once it’s finished please be sure to share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!

We can’t wait to enjoy your mouth-watering donut to draw a donut in 6 easy steps

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