How to Draw A Castle – A Step by Step Guide

Castle Drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

It’s almost impossible to look at a grand old castle and not think even for a moment how cool it would be to live in one.

These immense, lavish structures have housed nobility and royalty for centuries, and many ancient ones stand strong to this day.

They have also featured in all manner of media, from stories and films involving princesses and dragons to spooky vampire abodes. If you have ever dreamed of owning your own castle, then this guide is for you!

This step-by-step guide on how to draw a castle will have you designing an incredible castle to draw castle in 6 steps

How to Draw A Castle – Let’s get Started!

Step 1castle drawing step 1

For this guide on how to draw a castle, you will need a few tools. These will include a ruler, a light pencil and then your favorite drawing tool, which could be something like a pen or dark pencil.

For this first step, we will be using the ruler and light pencil to draw some basic shapes that will be helping us later on.

Using the reference image to guide you, start with a large, central horizontal rectangle. Then, you can draw a thin, slightly taller rectangle on either side of the central one.

Finally, draw two more rectangles on top of the first one, having them get smaller as they go up.
It may sound complicated, but once you see the reference picture it becomes much clearer!

Step 2 – Next, draw some turrets for your castlecastle drawing step 2

In this part of your castle drawing, we will be adding some turrets to your fortress. For this step, it would still be recommended to use your pencil for now.

To draw these turrets, simply use your pencil and ruler to draw a triangular shape on top of the two outer rectangles along with the one on top in the center.

Then, carefully erase the tips of the triangles and draw a rounded tip in their place. Once you have these turrets drawn, it’s on to the next step!

Step 3 – Now, you can draw some windowscastle drawing step 3

We will add some windows to the mix in this step of our guide on how to draw a castle.

These windows have quite a distinctive design, as they will be flat at the bottom, quite tall and rounded at the top.

You can switch up the placement of these windows by adding more or taking some out, but if you want your castle to be symmetrical then you should try to keep the number of windows on each side of the castle equal to the other.

Step 4 – Start using your pen for your castle drawingcastle drawing step 4

We will start to go over the pencil lines with a pen in this part of your castle drawing. First, draw a line at the bottom of the castle to form the ground.

Then, you can carefully go over any of your pencil lines using your pen. However, for the central rectangle we will be adding a pattern to the top line.

As you can see in the picture, there will be a square, almost zigzagged line for the top of this rectangle that you can create using your ruler.

It’s a bit intricate and tricky, but take your time with it and you’ll do an amazing job of it! Then, add any other lines you would like before we proceed on to the fifth step.

Step 5 – Draw the brickwork and final detailscastle drawing step 5

This step of our guide on how to draw a castle will require a bit of patience, but it will be worth it!

We will be drawing some brickwork patterns onto your castle walls, and this is another step where your ruler will be your best friend.

Start by drawing vertical lines all along the walls of the castle, keeping them closer together.

You don’t need to keep the distance between them totally even, as this will help give your castle a handcrafted feel.

Finally, add lots of small, vertical lines between the horizontal ones to make the brick patterns.

You can then finish off your castle drawing with some final details on the turrets and door of the castle, along with drawing some vegetation at the sides.

Which other details can you think of that you would like for your castle? Perhaps something like a moat or even a dragon flying around would look great!

Bonus: Use These Tips To Make Your Castle Drawing Easier

Throughout this guide on how to draw a castle, we tried to break it down to make it as easy as possible. Even so, you may find that it is still a bit tricky to draw.

There’s no shame in that! Some people find drawing some things easier than others, and this castle may be one of those things that you happen to struggle with.

We have a few more ideas that can be used in order to make it a bit easier if you’re struggling, so let’s see what can be done to make it easier.

One would be to break the drawing down into the simplest shapes possible. This could be done with a pencil to make it as simple to visualize as you can.

Then you can start adding the finer details to build up the drawing. Another way to make it a bit easier is by drawing some practice attempts.

Grab a few pieces of paper and try sketching out the castle to get a feel for the details and structure. Another way that you could make this drawing easier would be to use some photos of real castles.

The real castles don’t have to match the one in the guide exactly, but if you can find some that are at least fairly similar then that could help.

Seeing the real castles can help you to get a better idea of how the drawing should be structured. There is another benefit to using photos, as you would be able to add some additional details or styles to the drawing.

You could even completely change the structure of the drawing if you wanted to! Above all, take your time, have fun with it and don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect right away!

Step 6 – Finish off your drawing with some colorcastle drawing step 6

Now that you have worked hard on your castle drawing and carefully drawn the final details, you can relax with some beautiful colors in this step.

We used a darker, more muted combination of browns and blues for our castle, but while that is one option at your disposal, you should let yourself get creative with your color choices!

Choosing your colors is just part of it, though, as you can also experiment with some great art mediums to bring your drawing to life.

From the bright vibrancy of paints and colored markers to the colder, more muted tones you get from watercolor and colored pencils, you have so many options to make your drawing look great!

Which colors and mediums will you choose for your artwork?

4 More Ways To Make Your Castle Drawing Unique

Create your own stunning castle with these awesome tips and ideas!

This castle drawing features one that looks like it could be straight out of a fairytale. If you agree with this, you could take it even further.

For example, you could add a dragon circling around the castle or give it a moat filled with crocodiles.

You could also make more specific references such as having Rapunzel letting down her hair from a window.

We think that if you try this idea that you should really let your imagination run wild as you create a marvelous setting!

You could also take this castle sketch in a different, creepier direction. Castles are often used in scary stories as the homes of creatures such as vampires.

If you give this castle some big dark clouds, a bright moon and swarms of bats, then you’re well on the way to having a spooky castle. These are just a few ways that you could make this look like it’s out of a horror film.

Can you think of any other themes that you could use for this castle?

Even if you don’t go for a theme for this drawing of a castle, you could still change elements of it. For instance, you could add some more towers or make the castle twice its size.

This is all about creating your own unique castle, so you should add any details you like. Who’s to say that there shouldn’t be a giant waterslide coming down from the tower?

Don’t be shy about adding fun and creative details such as this!

Another idea would be to make the scale of this castle drawing much smaller. For one idea, you could turn it into a castle on a golf course and show a golf ball heading towards it.

Or, maybe you could simplify the details and turn it into a sandcastle. There are so many ways to think outside the box a bit, and we’re sure you can come up with all sorts of fun ideas!

Your Castle Drawing is Complete

We hope that you had an amazing time crafting and designing your very own castle with this guide on how to draw a castle!

We created this guide to make the process of learning this design simple and fun to follow, so we hope you had lots of fun with it while also finding it helpful!

Now you can show us how creative you can be with finishing off your drawing!

Whether you draw some extra elements, add some great details or use some fancy colors and mediums, we know that you will make this castle look incredible!

We already have tons of awesome step-by-step drawing guides like this one on our website for you to enjoy, and the best part is we have many more in store for you!

Be sure to check out our site often to catch each new guide as it comes out.

Once your amazing castle drawing is complete, please feel free to share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages! We always love to see your incredible creativity and can’t wait to see your castle to draw a castle in 6 easy steps

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