How to Draw A Cartoon Werewolf – A Step by Step Guide

Cartoon werewolf drawing in just 9 Easy Steps!

There are so many spooky beasts and monsters that populate classic horror movies and stories that scare countless people worldwide!

Some of these monsters are more obscure, but others are known to most people, and werewolves are an example of a monster pretty much everyone is familiar with.

People are said to transform into these beasts under the light of a full moon, and we will be covering how to draw a cartoon werewolf in this guide!

By the end of these steps we have prepared, you will know everything there is to know about recreating this classic monster.

We hope that you have a great time working on this step-by-step guide on how to draw a cartoon werewolf in just 9 fun and easy steps!how to draw a cartoon werewolf in 9 steps

How to Draw A Cartoon Werewolf – Let’s get Started!

Step 1how to draw a cartoon werewolf step 1

We will begin this cartoon werewolf drawing by drawing the start of the head and face outlines of the monster.

First, use some curved lines with pointy tips at the top for the ears, and then add some inner ear lines inside the outline.

We will then use a curved line for the top of the head, and then pointier ones for the furry back of the head.

Then, you can draw a big, round nose that has the muzzle attached to it. Finish off by drawing the snarling, toothy mouth, and then we can move on!

Step 2 – Next, draw his eyes and eyebrowshow to draw a cartoon werewolf step 2

This step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon werewolf will be about adding some eyes and eyebrows to give him a fierce expression! First, let’s draw his large eyebrows.

These will have smooth bases with some pointy shapes for the tops of them.

Then, the eyes will be added as some rounded shapes beneath these eyebrows, and they will have some round pupils inside of them.

Add a dot to each pupil, and then we can proceed!

Step 3 – Now, draw his backhow to draw a cartoon werewolf step 3

We will keep things simple for this step of the guide! You will begin drawing his back in this step, and the aim will be to make him look really furry and ragged.

For that reason, we will be drawing a large curved line for his back, but it will have some pointy tips poking off of it, as shown in the reference image.

That’s all there is to it for now, and then we can proceed!

Step 4 – Next, draw his furry chesthow to draw a cartoon werewolf step 4

This fourth step of your cartoon werewolf drawing will also be rather simple, and it will be similar to the previous step.

For this one, we will be drawing his chest, and it will take on a similar curved, pointy appearance to his back.

This time, the line will be much shorter, however. It will extend down from the base of his jaw, and then we can add to this area soon.

Step 5 – Now, add his armshow to draw a cartoon werewolf step 5

Now, we shall add some fearsome arms to your creation in this step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon werewolf.

These arms will be bent up towards his head to make it look like he is creeping around. We will draw the arms using similarly curved, spiky lines to the back and chest.

Finally, add some rounded fingers with pointy claws before we proceed!

Step 6 – Next, draw his waisthow to draw a cartoon werewolf step 6

We will again keep things rather simple for this sixth step of the guide. For this one, we will be drawing his waist and the top of the trousers that he is wearing.

We will draw these pants soon, but for now you can draw some short lines coming down from his arm and chest.

Then, we will draw a thin, horizontal shape with pointy bits coming down from it to show the torn rim of his pants.

Step 7 – Draw his pantshow to draw a cartoon werewolf step 7

You drew the rim of the pants for this cartoon werewolf in the previous step, but in this one we will draw the pants themselves.

They will be quite short and will be drawn using some simple curved lines. We also want the rims of each leg to look torn and ragged, so they will be drawn with jagged lines as well.

That’s all for now, and then we can finish off the final details in the next step!

Step 8 – Next, draw his legshow to draw a cartoon werewolf step 8

This step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon werewolf will see you finishing off the final elements.

We will be drawing the rest of his legs in this one, and they will look a bit like a dogs legs. Use some curved lines for the legs, and then add some rounded toes at the ends.

Once these legs are drawn, you could also create a spooky background to finish this off nicely! What kind of setting can you think of for this cartoon werewolf?

Step 9 – Now finish it off with some colorhow to draw a cartoon werewolf step 9

It’s time to complete your amazing artwork with some colors! This is a step where you can unleash all of your amazing creativity and flair, and there is a lot you can do to color it.

We used some great purples and blues for his fur while using brown for his pants.

Do you think you will go for a similar color scheme, or will you go for a different approach?

Do this to take your cartoon werewolf drawing to the next level

Transform this cartoon werewolf sketch into something even greater with these tips!

This drawing of a cartoon werewolf that we created here is done in a simplified cartoon style. If you want to create a more unique artwork, you could start this process by changing the style.

For example, you may want to make the cartoon werewolf look more detailed and realistic. This would surely make it look even more terrifying!

Or, you could go in the other direction and make it even more simple and cartoony. It’s up to you, so what style would you like to use to change this cartoon werewolf?

Part of the werewolf legend says that they will transform from a human at the full moon. It could be fun to show the human form of this cartoon werewolf.

This human character could be shown standing near to the cartoon werewolf to highlight the transformation.

If you’re feeling extra creative, then you could draw the transition happening in stages to make the drawing even cooler.

What do you think the human form would look like?

Continuing on from the previous step, it could also be fun to add a background to this cartoon werewolf drawing. One obvious feature to add would be that full moon we mentioned.

However, there are loads of cool settings you could create for this werewolf. This could be done whether you chose to add additional characters or not.

What are some cool settings you could use to finish off this drawing?

A werewolf is one of many classic monsters from literature, legends and films. There are many more classic monsters, and it could be fun to add some to this cartoon werewolf sketch!

They could even be drawn in a similar style to this cartoon werewolf. Some examples would include Frankenstein’s monster, ghosts, witches, a mummy or maybe a zombie.

These are just a few examples of classic monsters, but you could also use more modern examples such as the Slender Man. What others can you think to add?

Your Cartoon Werewolf Drawing is Complete!

Werewolves may be a terrifying beast, but we hope that the steps of this guide on how to draw a cartoon werewolf were not at all scary for you to take on!

These steps were designed to break down all the details to have you drawing this scary guy before you know it.

We always like to leave these designs open for your own creativity, and you could draw a background or play around with colors and art mediums as a few ways to experiment!

Then, you can head to our website for more drawing guides and other fun activities to enjoy. There’s something for everyone there with more on the way, so check in often to join the fun!

Despite how scary your cartoon werewolf is, we would love to see it! You can share your creation on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to to draw a cartoon werewolf in 9 easy steps


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