How to Draw A Cartoon Puppy – A Step by Step Guide

Cartoon puppy Drawing in just 8 Easy Steps!

It’s hard not to love puppies! No matter which breed you’re talking about, each one is adorable in their own ways, and they have plenty of personality and playfulness to spare.

Many people love to own a cute puppy, and it can also be fun to learn how to draw a cartoon puppy! That’s what we are here to do in this very guide.

By the end of these steps, you will know exactly how to replicate this adorable puppy that we have designed for you! You will definitely want to see this guide all the way to the end.

And now we can begin this fun and easy step-by-step guide on how to draw a cartoon puppy in just 8 steps!how to draw a cartoon puppy in 8 steps

How to Draw A Cartoon Puppy – Let’s get Started!

Step 1how to draw a cartoon puppy step 1

To begin this cute puppy, we will begin with the outlines for the head and facial details. For the head, we will be using some large curved lines.

These will culminate in three thin, pointy shapes for some locks of hair poking off at the top.

Then, we will start drawing some of the facial details. You can begin these with a rounded nose that has a curved yet pointy tip at the bottom.

Then, we will draw the mouth beneath the nose. This will be drawn using some wavy lines to form the mouth as it appears in our reference image.

You will then be ready for the second step of the guide!

Step 2 – Next, draw the eyes and mouth of this cartoon puppyhow to draw a cartoon puppy step 2

For this second step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon puppy, we will be adding some more details for the face.

First, draw some oval shapes for the eye outlines, and then add some smaller ovals inside of them for the iris and pupils.

We will also add some small, curved eyelashes on top of the eyes for extra cuteness. Above these eyes, we will then finish off with some thick eyebrows.

Then, we will draw the open mouth with tongue inside, and finish off with some rounded lines for the outside of the muzzle. We will then be ready for step 3!

Step 3 – Now, draw some ears for this puppyhow to draw a cartoon puppy step 3

This cartoon puppy drawing design has big, floppy ears, and we will draw these in this third step. These ears will be drawn using some more curved and rounded lines.

They will be thin at the ends where they connect to the head, and then they will get much thicker as they go.

It’s as simple as that, and then we shall move on!

Step 4 – Next, draw the front legs for this cartoon puppyhow to draw a cartoon puppy step 4

The cute puppy we’re drawing here is in a playful pose, and when you look to the later images in the guide you will see the pose we are building towards.

We will start depicting this pose by drawing its legs and feet beneath the head.

The legs will be drawn using some lines that are curved to show the legs bent beneath the head. As for the paws, they will have three large, rounded toes and go at the ends of the legs.

Step 5 – Now, start drawing the back and the tailhow to draw a cartoon puppy step 5

You’re doing a great job on this guide on how to draw a cartoon puppy so far! We will continue building onto this drawing in this next step.

For now, we will be drawing the back of the dog. This line will extend from near the top of the ear on the left, and it will be rather rounded.

At the end as it curves, it will get wavier as it turns into the back leg.

Finally for this step, we will draw a fairly short, curved tail that has a line going across the center point.

Step 6 – Next, finish off the outline for this cartoon puppyhow to draw a cartoon puppy step 6

Soon we will add the final touches for this cartoon puppy drawing, but in this step we will complete the outline.

Specifically, this means drawing the back leg of the puppy. This leg will be stretched out more than the front legs were, and this means that it will be shaped differently from that front leg.

Otherwise, the paw will look pretty much identical to those of the front legs.

Step 7 – Next, draw the final touches of this cartoon puppyhow to draw a cartoon puppy step 7

Now, we will finish off this cute puppy with some last details. As shown in the reference image, we will be drawing some large spots onto the back of this dog.

These will be drawn using some curved and rounded lines, and the spots will go at two locations on its back.

You could also change up the positioning of these spots or go for some different patterns! Once these are drawn, you could also add some more details and ideas of your own.

It could be fun to draw a background, and this way you could add some toys for this puppy to play with!

Step 8 – Now finish it off with some colorhow to draw a cartoon puppy step 8

For the final step of this guide on how to draw a cartoon puppy, we will add some color to finish it off.

Puppies can come in many different colors, but we went with some different shades of browns for our example image.

You could go for similar colors, but it’s up to you! Will you replicate our color scheme or go for something else?

Do this to take your cartoon puppy drawing to the next level

Make your cute cartoon puppy sketch even better with these 4 ideas!

Puppies love to play with fun dog toys, and you could add some to your drawing of a cartoon puppy!

You could include any fun toys you like, and they could take many different forms.

It could be a tennis ball or maybe a stuffed animal. These are just a few examples, and you could gift multiple toys to this cute cartoon puppy!

What are some fun dog toys that you could add to this image in order to make this puppy’s day?

There are also some more practical items that you could add to your artwork to make this puppy even happier. A few would include drawing a water or food bowl for the puppy.

These could both be full in order to give the puppy a feast to enjoy! There are also many other such objects that you could add to the image, so be sure to show off what you think this cartoon puppy needs in its life.

Puppies also love to play with other puppies, and you could add a puppy friend to this cartoon puppy drawing! There are so many dog breeds you could choose from, and you should certainly include any of your favorites.

You don’t have to stick to just one or two additional puppies, though! You could make it a real puppy party by adding several cute puppies.

Which of your favorite breeds would you like to add to the composition?

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, and that’s why we think it would be fun to add a human character to your cartoon puppy sketch! This character could be drawn in a similar cartoon style to this puppy.

The only question would be who would you base this character on? Basing the character on yourself would be a great way to show what it would look like if you were spending time with a puppy friend.

Who else could you add to the image?

Your Cartoon Puppy Drawing is Complete!

This puppy design that we were working on in this guide on how to draw a cartoon puppy was so cute, and we hope this guide was helpful in showing you how to draw it!

Remember that you can add some of your own details, ideas and background elements to finish it off and personalize it.

Then, when you would like a new drawing to take on, you can check out our website for many more drawing guides and other activities. We have more coming soon, so be sure to keep checking in!

We hope you will also consider sharing your finished cartoon puppy drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see!how to draw a cartoon puppy in 8 easy steps

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