How to Draw a Baseball – Step by Step Guide

Complete baseball drawing in just 9 easy steps!

A baseball is a ball used in the bat-and-ball sport of the same name. The ball itself consists of a rubber or cork center wrapped in yarn and covered with white horsehide or cowhide.

Its circumference is approximately 9 to 9.25 inches and its weight is between 5 and 5.25 ounces.

Learning how to draw a baseball is important especially if you’re planning to use the sports as a subject in your future drawings.drawing baseball in 9 easy steps

Once you can draw a baseball, you’ll be capable of drawing much more complex sports drawings in the future.

To make it easier for you, we have created a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a tutorial. This comprehensive guide consists of 9 easy instructions accompanied with simple illustrations. What’s more, all you need is a pen and paper to draw a realistic looking baseball!

Take advantage of your artistic skills to create a baseball!

How to Draw a Baseball – Let’s get started!

Step 1baseball drawing step 1

Start by drawing a downward curve above the middle of your paper. This forms the upper half of a perfect circle.

To ensure that the baseball will be drawn in the center, you can create reference lines by drawing an intersecting horizontal and vertical line across your paper.

The space right above the vertical line marks the spot where you should draw the semicircle.

Step 2 – Create an Outline of the Baseball’s Shapebaseball drawing step 2

Draw the bottom half of the circle right below the semicircle that we drew in the previous step. This forms a full perfect circle shape of the baseball.

If you need help drawing a perfect circle, you can check out our tutorial on how to draw a circle from our drawing tutorials catalog.

You can also use a compass, which is a drawing tool that helps you draw a perfect circle shape quickly and easily.

Step 3 – Next, Draw a Curved Line on the Left Sidebaseball drawing step 3

Draw a curved line on the left side of the baseball. Keep in mind that this curved line should be facing towards the left, as shown in the illustration.

This outlines the spot where we’ll be adding the stitches later on.

Step 4 – Draw a Curved Line on the Opposite Sidebaseball drawing step 4

Repeat the previous step on the opposite side of the baseball.

At this point, the baseball should now have two curved lines facing the opposite directions.

Step 5 – Draw the Left Stitching Halfway Throughbaseball drawing step 5

In this step, we’ll be drawing the distinct stitching patterns on the surface of the baseball.

Continue by filling in the stitches starting from the top of the curved line on the left side. Draw two connected elongated ovals forming a wide “V” shape. This creates a single stitch thread.

Keep repeating the same steps until the upper half of the curved line is filled with stitches, as shown in the illustration above.

Step 6 – Complete the Stitching on the Left Sidebaseball drawing step 6

Keep drawing the same patterns that we tackled in the previous step until the left curved line is filled with stitching threads.

After finishing this step, the stitching on the left side of the baseball is now complete.

Step 7 – Draw the Right Stitching Halfway Throughbaseball drawing step 7

Moving on to the curved line on the right side, draw the similar stitching pattern starting from the top.

Afterwards, work your way downwards until the upper part of the curve is fully stitched.

Step 8 – Complete the Stitching on the Right Sidebaseball drawing step 8

Repeat the previous step to complete the stitching threads pattern on the right curved line of the baseball.

At this point, the stitching pattern on both the left and right side of the baseball is complete.

Step 9 – Now, Magnify the Stitched Thread Holesbaseball drawing step 9

After creating the stitches, we will now be drawing the holes on the surface of the ball where the threads come and go.

A single stitch consists of two connected diagonal threads. On each endpoint of a single thread, draw a shaded circle surrounding the tip of each thread.

This creates the thread holes of the stitches. This also adds an elaborate detail on your drawing, making the baseball appear more realistic!

Now that we’ve successfully drawn a baseball, it’s finally time for the most exciting part—choosing the colors and coloring your drawing!

As we all know, a baseball is colored white with red stitches. You can opt to color the baseball using its original colors or handpick a unique set of colors. Either way, we’re sure the colors will turn out beautifully!baseball drawing 9 steps

4 More Ways To Make Your Baseball Drawing Unique

Knock this drawing out of the park with these 4 fun tips!

Many artists fear drawing hands, but adding one would be a great way to make this baseball drawing more unique.

There are a few ways you could incorporate a hand into the scene.

There could be a hand holding the ball, or you could show the moment that it leaves the hand when thrown.

The hand could be realistic, or you could draw a cartoony one to make it a bit easier.
If you decide to try out this tip, why not use your own hand as a model?

By adding some small details to your drawing of a baseball, you may be shocked at how big a difference it can make. These could be as simple as some scuffs and dents or maybe some grass stains.

If you have a favorite brand of baseball, then you could also draw their logo onto the ball to make it more distinct. What are some other fun details that you could add to this baseball you’ve created?

We also think you could make this baseball sketch look even more amazing with a background. You could go for something grand such as having the ball lying on the field.

If you went with this idea, you could even draw some players in the background! While you could do this, you may also want to go for a more small-scale scene.

For example, the baseball could be sitting on a table along with a baseball glove and other gear. What kinds of settings can you think of?

You can also make your baseball sketch more unique with the colors you use. Traditionally, baseballs are white with red stitching, but you could really go with any colors you can imagine.

Even if the colors are bright and neon, you should feel free to use them! You can also use art tools and mediums that match the style you want.

Colored pens and markers would be good for those brighter colors, and watercolors and colored pencils would be good for lighter tones.

Your Baseball Drawing is Complete!

Hopefully, you have fun with this step-by-step baseball drawing. Now that you can draw a baseball, you can incorporate it into more complex sports drawing in the future.

Perhaps you can draw a baseball player holding a ball next?

Remember, all of our drawing tutorials are 100% free for you to use as learning materials to help you draw human beings, animals, and different objects.

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We’re excited to see your realistic baseball drawing!

Here Is A Cute Baseball Drawing To Inspire You!cartoon baseball drawing

Baseball is one of the most popular and exciting sports in the world. Our artist Amanda really captured this excitement with her cute baseball drawing for kids.

This image is meant to give you an end goal to visualize as you work on your own drawing. It doesn’t have to be identical to her drawing, but you can make it as similar or different as you please.

This player looks ready to hit a ball, so one fun detail to add would be a baseball flying toward him. Adding lots of lines coming from the ball will also make it seem like it’s flying at great speed!

That’s one example of how to hit a homerun with your cute baseball sketch, but there are so many more ways you could do it. What ideas do you have for this drawing?how to draw a baseball in 9 easy steps


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