Alphabet Snowman: Match Capital and Lowercase {Free Printable}

When I made our Alphabet Turkey Match last month I had no idea it would be such a hit with my preschooler. She has improved greatly in being able to match her capital and lowercase letters from practicing only a few times a week with our last activity. Since Thanksgiving is long gone and Winter is officially here, I decided to make a new version of the match game for my daughter. This time we made an Alphabet Snowman Match that she can enjoy through the Winter months.

Supplies you will need:

1. Print off the Snowman Printable. The printable is large so it doesn’t fit on one paper. You will have to click the “Poster” option in your print dialog box and it will print it off on 6 different papers. Below is a picture of my Print Dialog Box to see the option that I choose. I am not sure if this is an option available to all printers, but this is how my printer works.


2. After you have printed off the pages, trim any white borders off around the edges of the papers that would make your snowman not connect together properly. (Most printers don’t print to the very edge of the paper and that’s why you’ll have to do some trimming.)
3. Glue your pages to the posterboard, connecting them so they match together correctly. I started with my top right paper and worked my way around. I would arrange them together before gluing to see what would be the best way for you to do it.
4. Print off the capital letter printable. Cut the letters out and glue them onto your 26 milk caps.
5. Now your child can match all the capital letter caps to the correct lowercase letters on the snowmen. My daughter is used to this activity from us doing the Alphabet Turkey Match, but I like to start out asking her what letter she picked up and if she knows the sound.
Tips: I used the other side of my poster board from our Alphabet Turkey Match so I didn’t even have to buy a new sheet. So make sure to get good use out of both sides of your poster board. Also, I love to store our game underneath the couch in my front living room. No one even knows it’s there and it keeps it from getting bent.
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