A String of Hearts Craft and Activities

We picked up this darling story at the library for Valentine’s Day called “A String of Hearts” by Laura Malone Elliott and illustrated by Lynn Munsinger.
Sam wants to give just the right valentine to the most popular girl in the class, Tiffany. But what kind is
the right kind? Mary Ann helps Sam figure out how to make all sorts of
valentines and Sam makes the perfect one for Tiffany. After Sam gives Tiffany his special valentine she hardly notices it and doesn’t even pick it up when it falls on the floor. This is a cute story about friendship and how even a simple string of hearts can show a friend how special he is.
To tie in with the book, we made a string of hearts to display in our living room. I also wrote different types of fun activities on the back of each heart that we are going to complete by Valentine’s Day. To make our hearts we started by using the shaving cream painting method to paint 12 hearts. I love painting this way! It makes a bright marbled effect on the paper and each heart turned out so differently.

After our hearts were dry, we glued a red or pink background to the back of them.

We also embellished our hearts with red Sparkly Glitter Glue and Acrylic Jewels from Craftprojectideas.com. Their products are my favorite. They are super affordable and I love how I can pick them up at my local Wal-Mart when doing other grocery shopping.

Since we intended on being able to remove a heart daily and read an activity on the back for us to complete, we decided to attach them to our pink ribbon with Wooden Clothespins, also from Craftprojectideas.com. This way the hearts are easily removable and easily put back in place after we complete the activity.
We don’t normally decorate for Valentine’s Day so I love how it also doubles as a cute Valentine’s decoration for our front room under our faux mantle.
So far one of our favorite activities we’ve done from our hearts…Valentine’s Day Hot Cocoa. A dollop of cool whip, a pink heart marshmallow, and some red and pink sprinkles…Yummy!!
**I received the Acrylic Jewels, Sparkly Glitter Glue, and Wooden Clothespins free from Craftprojectideas.com, but all opinions about these products are my own.

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