Yarn Wrapped Blossoming Spring Tree Craft

Oh how I love spring time and watching mother nature spring to life! One of my favorites is seeing trees start throwing out pretty pink and white blossoms. To celebrate the beautiful season of spring we made this pretty yarn wrapped blossoming spring tree craft.

It is perfect for spring time and the yarn wrapping and crunching tissue paper squares works those important fine motor muscles. Did I mention how pretty it is?!

Square close up image of yarn wrapped spring tree craft.

[This craft was originally published on March 28, 2016. It has been updated to include a craft template, updated tutorial text, photos and a video tutorial.]

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Two yarn wrapped spring tree crafts laying next to each other.

How to Make a Yarn Wrapped Spring Tree Craft

What initially inspired this pretty spring tree craft was coming across this green tones Super Saver yarn at the store. I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures but there is about four different hues of green in the yarn. It’s absolutely gorgeous so I definitely recommend getting some to add some vibrant hues to your craft.

Read our easy instructions below for how to make this fun spring tree craft with your kids. We also have a how-to video inside this post you can watch before getting started.

Supplies needed for this spring tree craft:

Instructions for creating this yarn wrapped spring tree

1. Download and print out our tree template. Trace the treetop and trunk piece from the template onto cardstock with a pencil. Then cut them out.

2. Go along the tree top shape with your scissors and cut small slits around the scallop shapes of the cardboard to create additional places to help hold the yarn in place when wrapping.

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Four image collage showing the printed out tree template, an adult tracing the template on cardboard and cutting it out, and taping yarn on the back of the treetop.

3. Cut a long strand of green yarn and brown yarn to wrap around your cardboard pieces.

4. Tape one end of the green yarn onto the back of the treetop and one end of the brown yarn onto the back of the tree trunk. Now wrap the yarn around the pieces in every direction. When you reach the end of the yarn, tape it onto the back of the cardboard.

Four image collage showing adult wrapping green yarn around carboard tree top piece, adult wrapping brown yarn around tree trunk piece, adult adding glue and tissue paper flowers to tree top and adult hot gluing tree top onto tree trunk.

5. Crinkle up pink tissue paper squares and glue them onto your tree with tacky glue to make your pretty blossoms. It is so vibrant and pretty!

6. Finish your yarn wrapped spring tree craft by using a hot glue gun to glue the tree top onto the tree trunk to make your tree. Adult supervision is always required when using a hot glue gun.

Vertical close up image of yarn wrapped tree craft with the words "Yarn Wrapped Spring Tree" in the bottom left corner.

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yarn wrapped trees four seasons collage 1

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