Stunning Hyacinth Flower Craft for Kids

This gorgeous hyacinth flower craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to make for a spring craft and art project. It looks stunning hung up on display too!

You guys, spring is in the air! The weather has been in the 50’s this past week and it’s made for some fabulous walks in our neighborhood and trips to the park. One of my absolute favorite flowers I look forward to every spring is Hyacinth flowers.

Close up square image of the finished hyacinth flower craft.


With the weather so fantastic we are on the verge of some of these beautiful flowers sprouting and I simply cannot wait!

In our anticipation for all of the beautiful spring bulbs to poke through the dirt, we salvaged some water bottles before putting them in the recycling bin and made this stunning Hyacinth flower craft this week. Friends, I am in love with how it turned out!

Supplies needed to make your Hyacinth Flower Craft:

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Instructions for make this Hyacinth Flower Art Project:

1. Cut out skinny green stems and glue them onto your light blue cardstock paper.

2. Pour some purple paint onto your small paper plate. Dip your water bottle lid into the paint and then print it onto your blue cardstock paper, around your green flower stems. Continue dipping the water bottle lid into the paint and back onto your paper until you have made your pretty hyacinth flowers.

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Small paper plate with purple paint on it and a plastic water bottle laying next to it, showing how to the dip the cap into the purple paint and onto the paper to make the hyacinth flower petals.

3. You can leave the beautiful artwork as is or after your paint is dry, you can cut out some leaves from your green cardstock paper and glue them onto the sides of your pretty Hyacinth flowers.

Either way, your new Hyacinth Flower Craft will turn out absolutely stunning! It’s bright and colorful and totally frame worthy!

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Vertical image of completed flower craft with the words "Bottle Cap Printed Hyacinths" in the top right corner.

Try coupling this craft with our favorite spring children’s book, Planting a Rainbow Garden by Lois Ehlert.

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