Storytime & Craft—Go To Bed, Monster!

This week we read the story “Go To Bed, Monster!” by Natasha Wing. I randomly picked this book off the shelf at the library and after reading the first couple pages I knew it was perfect for my boys. Not only do they love monsters but they are the non-cooperative type at bedtime. I also loved how in the beginning of the story they illustrated how shapes could be used to draw pictures. The little girl in the story continues to draw pictures throughout the story to bring things to life to try to get the Monster to go to bed. As you know, I am a huge fan of using your imagination so this book was a huge hit for me.

So the question is, if you brought to life a monster from your drawing, what would your monster want to do before he went to bed? This is what I asked my boys before we set off to drawing our very own monsters. I encouraged my boys to use lots of shapes when drawing their monster and told them I was going to have them point out all the shapes to me when they were finished with their picture.

Both my boys decided their monster’s would have fire blowing out of their mouth and that they would want to eat lots of food before going to bed.

This is my youngest’s picture below. His monster wanted to eat lots and lots of spaghetti with meatballs. This was a good exercise for him to practice his shapes. He was able to point out that he used an oval body, rectangle legs and arms, circle eyes and triangle spikes and teeth.

And here is my oldest’s picture. He has cool funky green hair and he wanted to eat lots of meat before bed.

And for kicks and giggles, and because I love being a kid, I went ahead and decided to showcase you my very own artwork. hahaha

I thought given the state of our poor, rainy weather here in Utah, my Monster would DEFINITELY be wanting an umbrella and would have lots of FUN jumping in all the puddles outside. I know, I know, I’m silly!  🙂

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