Realistic Horse Coloring Pages

Pick a color for your dream horse with these realistic horse coloring pages!

Let’s admit it—all of us would love a pet horse. Imagine how nice it would be to have your own horse in your backyard, ready to take you on a ride wherever you want to go.

Horses are most commonly bay, black, brown, chestnut, and white in color. There are also horses that have a combination of these basic colors and some even have more than one color. With these free realistic horse coloring pages, you can mix and match different colors and customize the colors to your liking.

These realistic horse coloring pages allow you to pick a color—even use your favorite one—to create your very own dream horse. Once you’ve finished coloring your realistic horse coloring printable, don’t forget to show it off and share it on our Facebook page. Have fun!

Realistic Horse Coloring Pages — 10 All-New Printable Sheets

It’s a good day to be in the great outdoors! In this coloring page, there is a gentle-looking horse relaxing in the lush, green fields. Look at all the grass surrounding the horse! It surely looks like the horse is living its best life. It can go for a run across the fields and eat delicious green grass anytime and as much as it wants.realistic horse coloring pages for adults

With thick mane and muscular build, the horse in this coloring sheet is surely well taken care of by its owner. Is it a stallion or a mare? Either way, the horse looks healthy and beautiful. It is dawdling across the fields, having fun with all the green yummy grass everywhere.realistic horse coloring pages to print out

The horse in this coloring page is looking over the fence. It is probably looking for its owner or its friends. Look at those gleaming eyes and long mane—so pretty! It’s ready to get out and run freely. Maybe eat some green grass along the way too!large free printable realistic horse coloring pages

The horse in this coloring sheet is wandering around. It looks healthy and beautiful with those thick mane and tail. And with those long, slender legs, we’re guessing it can run as fast as the wind! How fun would it be to back-ride on this horse?

Let your imagination run wild. Where do you imagine this horse would be roaming around? You can make the setting any place you want it to be using your choice of colors!large free printable realistic horse coloring pages

In this coloring sheet, the horse is facing right at you. It’s probably saying hello and introducing itself. It has a thick mane, long eyelashes, and dazzling eyes, so it must be a female horse, right? This mare looks gorgeous!

There are diagonal patterns in the background. Imagine the background filled in with various bright, rich colors—so cool and colorful! Which colors would you pick to color the background with?free printable realistic horse coloring pages

It’s a clear day outside! In this coloring page, the horse is wandering around. It appears to be high up in the hills, enjoying nature. The horse must be very strong to be able to run uphill through the steep trail. Impressive!

Vivid green represents the color of trees and greeneries, while brown signifies the color of land. A combination of both would create mesmerizing views of the hills in the setting. Which colors would you pick to create lush natural scenery?realistic horse coloring pages free printing

The horse in this coloring sheet is looking good! It even has a heart shape in its forehead—so pretty! With that beautiful face and gleaming eyes with long eyelashes, it must be a mare!

There are lots of stars in the background. Yellow is the most common color of a star, but there are also stars that have the colors red, orange, white, and blue. We suggest coloring each star with a different color to create a more colorful and vibrant setting!free realistic horse coloring pages

In this coloring sheet, the horse is running at a high speed. Imagine back riding on this horse—that would be so thrilling! With those long, slender legs, it can probably run for miles and miles realistic horse coloring pages printable

The mare in this coloring sheet is feeling fabulous! With thick mane and dazzling eyes, she sure is one beautiful female horse. Every stallion in the barn probably likes her!

There are lots of sparkling glitters in the background, making the image look prettier! Yellow is the most common choice to signify glow. But feel free to be as creative as you want and mix and match colors! How would you color the sparkles in the background?realistic horse coloring pages printable for kids

This printable page shows a mighty horse standing on its hind legs with its forelegs rising up. The horse also appears to be swimming. Is it an ocean or a lake? Either way, the horse looks like it’s having fun and enjoying the water!

There’s a sphere in the background. Is it a sun or a moon? You can make it whichever you want it to be! How would you color the setting? Yellow for daytime or blue for nighttime?printable realistic horse coloring pages

Realistic Horse Coloring Pages — Which color would you like your horse to be?

We hope you have fun and are able to foster your creativity on these realistic horse coloring pages. It is the perfect activity between family and friends, especially for children who like horses or animals in general.

With these free realistic horse printable sheets, coloring is made more fun and easy. Simply choose the image you like, print it out, and finally, color it! When you’ve finished coloring your realistic horse coloring sheet, make sure to flaunt it and share it on our Facebook page.

We always love seeing our readers’ creativity and imagination. Looking forward to all of your wonderful works of art!original and free realistic horse coloring pages


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