Q-Tip Flowers Craft

We created this q-tip flowers craft to remind us of happy memories in spring time going on walks. Your kids are going to have so much fun making this easy spring craft! 

Taking walks through my neighborhood in spring is one of mine and my daughter’s favorite activities. We live in a neighborhood where flower bulbs are really popular so we love to walk around and admire all of the beautifully colored flowers in everyone’s front yards. Our nightly walk was the inspiration behind us creating this simple flower craft.

Close up image of flowers craft made from painted q-tips and paper.


I love thinking outside the box when it comes to using every day household materials for crafting. That’s how when I came upon a q-tip recently, it inspired this fun way to use them to make a pretty flower craft.

Read our easy instructions below to see how easy it is for you to create your own q-tip flowers craft.

Supplies needed to make this flower craft:

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Instructions for making your own Q-Tip Flowers:

1. Start by painting one of the q-tip tips yellow and the stick of the q-tip green. We simply rolled the tip in yellow paint to cover it and then used a paintbrush to paint the sticks. Set them aside to dry completely. (Note: We ended up cutting one of the tops off of our q-tips but I don’t think it’s completely necessary.)

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Seven q-tips that have one end cut off and have been painted green with a yellow tip.

2. Use your 1.5″ scallop circle punch to cut out several flowers in different colors. Use your scissors to cut small slits all around the circle and then bend some of them upwards to look like flower petals.

3. Cut out a strip of green cardstock paper for grass, and cut small slits all along the top of it for grass.

pink, purple and red scallop circles cup out laying next to a scallop circle punch and a rectangle of green cardstock paper that has slits cut along one end to look like blades of grass.

4. Glue your flowers onto your blue cardstock paper. Then glue your q-tips onto the flowers, with the yellow tip being in the center of the flower.

Close up image of how you glue the painted q-tips onto the flower shapes to make flowers.

5. Finish your q-tip flowers craft by gluing your green grass at the bottom of your paper. The q-tips and flowers pop off the page and look so vibrant and colorful.

Looking for some fun spring books to couple this pretty flower craft with?

One of our favorite for spring is Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert. You might also like Counting in the Garden by Kim Parker and The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle.

Completed q-tip flowers craft laying flat on a faux wood background.

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Vertical close up image of flowers craft with the words "Q-Tip Flower Craft" in the top right corner.

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