Master of the Arts Kits: Watercolor and Textured Painting

My daughter was the kind of baby that would climb up on the table when I was painting with my older boys to try to get in on the fun before she was old enough to even hold a paint brush in her hands. She has always loved painting so when announced their new Master of the Arts line of craft products, I knew my daughter would be ecstatic about them! We recently were able to try out their Textured Painting Kit and Watercolor Kit and I am excited to tell you about them.

Disclosure: I was provided these craft kits and a package of Oil Pastels from free of charge in exchange for my fair and honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Inside the Watercolor Kit you will find 10 paper shapes, 1 dropper, 1 brush and 16 watercolors. I thought including shapes instead of just watercolor paper was a fun touch. My daughter looked through all the shapes and picked the butterfly for her first project.


A fun extension to the Watercolor Kit is using’s Oil Pastels on the shapes prior to painting them. Since the Oil Pastels resist the watercolors, it makes for an extra creative experience. I feel like using the Oil Pastels also makes the kit open and more enjoyable to a an older age range as well. I had fun alongside my daughter adding fish scales to the fish shape prior to painting it, so I know older children would enjoy this.

oil pastels
This little dropper was seriously one of my daughter’s favorite things about this whole kit. How have I never thought about using a dropper to soak watercolors before? It’s genius! Look how bright and beautiful all the colors are too! 

The entire process of setting up the kit, coloring her butterfly, getting the watercolors ready and painting her butterfly probably took close to an hour. It was a perfect project for my preschooler! The best part is that there are still 9 more shapes in the kit for us to do this over again on other days.


Her completed butterfly turned out really cute! Since making her butterfly, we have already used the kit one other time at my daughter’s request so I can honestly say this Watercolor Kit has my 3-year old’s approval!


We also tried out the Textured Painting Kit. Inside you will find 3 different texture brushes, red, blue and yellow paint, and a Design Paper Pad that has a Color Mixology Guide on the front cover.


Below you can see a picture of all the different brushes in action. My daughter gravitated towards the roller the most. She thought it was so fun to roll on paint. As a funny side note, she calls the last stamper on the far right the “french fry” stamper. It made me giggle! She kept saying, “I’m going to stamp the paper with some french fries!”  🙂

Painting Kit Tools

We explored all three brushes on her first paper and you can see below the different kind of textures that were created.


The Mixology Guide provided in the kit was a such a fun learning activity to go along with painting. My daughter wanted to paint with purple so I was able to show her the guide and she discovered that she could mix blue and red together to get purple. Being able to mix the colors herself brought a whole new level of fun to painting for her! Definitely a win!


I really loved the textured brushes in the kit! My mind is already spinning with how we can use them on other painting projects and crafts. 

Master of the Arts Kits will be available at Walmart Stores at the end of April for $4.97 or less. is powered by Horizon Group USA, a source for photo and video tutorials to inspire and educate kids through arts and crafts. You can find out more about them and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube.

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