Paper Plate Growing Flower Craft

We adore everything about spring time, especially watching our flowers and bulbs sprout out of the ground every year and begin growing. If you have toddlers or preschoolers who are learning all about how flowers and plants grow this spring, this paper plate growing flower craft is a perfect compliment to add to your preschool learning unit.

Preschoolers and toddlers will love having the interactive experience of assisting their flowers grow right out of the soil up towards the sunshine.

pop up flowers craft 4

This simple spring flower craft only requires a few materials you probably already have on hand at home like paper plates, paper, paint and markers, so it makes an especially easy craft for preschoolers and toddlers to create with a little assistance.

This paper plate growing flower craft idea is from our contributor Shikha from The Joys of Sharing. Make sure to stop by her website and follow her on Instagram to keep up with her latest arts and crafts ideas.

How to Make a Paper Plate Growing Flower Craft

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Supplies for Paper Plate Flower Craft:

Growing Flower Craft Instructions:

1. Grab a paper plate and mark the section for soil. Paint the soil section with brown paint.

2. Make the roots of the flower plant using a dark brown marker as shown in the picture below.

pop up flowers craft 1

3. Now, it’s time to make the sun. Cut out a circular shape from yellow paper and glue it on the paper plate. Make sun rays using a black marker.

4. Draw a simple child figurine holding a watering can (you can also use real picture of the child for more fun!). Color the child’s clothes, hair and watering can using colored pencils or markers. 

pop up flowers craft 2

5. Glue the girl figurine on the paper plate and draw water droplets flowing from the can using a black or blue marker.

6. Make 2-3 fingerprint flowers of different colors on white paper. Cut out the flowers carefully and glue buttons in the center of the flower making the pistil.

7. Cut out a few leaves from green paper.

pop up flowers craft 3

8. Glue the flowers and leaves on a green craft stick to create your flower.

9. Carefully make a slit on the paper plate along the edge of soil such that the craft stick with the flowers and leaves passes through it comfortably.

pop up flowers craft 6

That’s it! Your paper plate growing flower craft is complete!

Now this fun and interactive spring craft is all set for kids to have some playful fun.

To play with the craft, have the child use one of their hands to hold the side of the paper plate to keep it stable. Then using their other hand, move the craft stick coming out from the back of the paper plate up and down to see their flowers sprout and grow up out of the soil.

pop up flowers craft 5

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pop up flowers craft pin final

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