DIY Turkey Ring for Kids

I recently fell in love with the awesome DIY Spider Ring at Fantastic Fun and Learning. My daughter has been fascinated with rings lately so after seeing the spider ring I made one for her and she loved it! In fact, she loved it so much that I decided to make a Turkey version of the ring. 

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We used the DIY Spider Ring tutorial to make our Turkey ring with a few changes. See the details below.

Supplies you will need:

  • 4 fuzzy sticks or chenille stems (whatever colors you want to use) [We received our fuzzy sticks from]
  • 1 large brown pom [We received ours from]
  • 2 googly eyes
  • small piece of orange and red foam sheet
  • glue gun and/or tacky glue
1. I found it easiest to start making this ring right on my child’s finger. Fold the four fuzzy sticks in half and over your child’s finger. Hold them firmly in place with one hand. With your other hand, make a loop with the front fuzzy stick leaving enough slag at the bottom to wrap it around all the fuzzy sticks to secure the ring shape in place.
2. Make a loop with the second fuzzy stick (same color) and wrap the slag around the ring again. Continue doing this with all the fuzzy sticks until they are all in a loop shape and the slag is wrapped around the fuzzy sticks making a ring. 

3. Now you can bend and shape the fuzzy sticks exactly how you want. I made mine a little pointy on the end and spread the loops out to look like full feathers.

4. Use your hot glue gun (requires adult supervision) to glue a large brown pom onto the front of the ring in front of the feathers. Also glue on your two googly eyes, a triangle shaped beak made out of an orange foam sheet and a red snood made out of a red foam sheet. Tacky glue may work for this also if you don’t want to use a hot glue gun. It will require drying time though.


When you are finished you are left with an adorable turkey ring. As you can see in the picture below it is large for my 4 year old, but she just loves it! She wore it the entire day today.


Here is one I made below for my 7 year old. I stuck with more fall colors for the feathers but you could let children choose whichever colors they want.


These turkey rings work perfectly as finger puppets too. You can use them to reenact some of your favorite turkey books. One of our favorites is:

A Plump And Perky Turkey by Teresa Bateman

PlumpandPerkyTurkey 1

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