Disney Imagicademy Mickey’s Magical Arts World App

We do a lot of arts and crafts in our house. Not only for fun, but also because I want to instill in my children a love for being creative and using their imagination. Those are two things that I feel every childhood should contain. When we aren’t busy crafting and my daughter wants to spend some free time using my iPad, I want to make sure she’s using apps that are educational and that help to encourage her creativity.
We recently downloaded Disney Imagicademy’s new app Mickey’s Magical Arts World and I couldn’t be more pleased with letting my daughter use her electronic time playing it. She was instantly enthralled when I showed her the app because it included some of her favorite Disney characters and I quickly learned how fun and engaging the activities were for her. Disney Imagicademy is a new learning brand designed for families with children ages 3 to 8 to inspire a natural love of learning and encourage kids to learn by creating, making and doing. 
In Mickey’s Magical Arts World, children are invited to join Mickey and his friends in the most imaginative place around, as they explore a fully immersive world of creative arts. There are five different areas to visit within the app: Visit Mickey’s Drawing Studio to experiment with lines, shapes and texture; Design buildings with Minnie while experimenting with symmetry, balance, and proportion; Have fun with texture, art and design while visiting Goofy; Explore the concepts of rhythm, tempo, melody and patterns with Mickey’s Magical Marching Band; or create a character and take part in it staring in a movie with Donald.
My daughter loves all of the different areas within the app, but one of her favorites is Mickey’s Magical Marching Band. Children can choose the song they want to design then choose which instruments they want to use. After pressing the record button, your child is able to press the instruments to make the song one-of-a-kind, then they can listen and watch the fun song they created.
My daughter also loves creating movies with Donald and Daisy. After designing a character, your child can record their voice and then see their character and voice come to life in one of the movies within the app.
For even more of an experience, download Disney Imagicademy Parents which is a go-to app for parents to find activities to do with their children that help spark creativity and encourage imaginative learning. I just printed off a Roll-A-Robot Game to play with my daughter that I found on the app. The app also serves as a portal into the children’s apps where you can see your child’s latest creations, and even send them a “high five” to give them extra encouragement. I gave my daughter a high five this afternoon after seeing that she earned a special pin for her latest drawing and when she opened the app and saw it she beamed with excitement.

Disney Imagicademy apps are available exclusively for iPad and can currently be found on Apple’s App Store in the Kids, Education and Entertainment categories. Download Mickey’s Magical Arts World in the app store starting February 12, 2015.

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