Cupcake Liner Flowers

These colorful cupcake liner flowers craft is simple for preschoolers and kindergartners to make for a spring kids craft.

Spring is here and it’s time to enjoy some pretty flower crafts. Kids will love creating flowers after admiring them in their yard or around their neighborhood, or they can make a flower craft for a loved one for Mother’s Day. Either way, you’ll find that cupcake liners are a simple and easy way for kids to make gorgeous paper flowers.

[This original version of this craft was originally posted on March 24, 2014 and you can see it HERE. We decided to update the post with a craft template, new design and an updated tutorial and video so we have created this new blog post.]

All you need to make these beautiful flowers is cupcake liners, colored paper and our flower craft template. Feel free to download the template below in our supplies list, gather the rest of your craft supplies and get ready to create your own gorgeous flower craft today.

Easy Cupcake Liner Flowers

It’s hard to believe how easy these flowers are to make since the end result is so stunning. But trust me, these cupcake liner flowers are so simple for even the littlest of crafters to make. Especially since they don’t require any hot glue like other cupcake liner flower crafts we’ve seen out there.

Read our easy how-to instructions below for how to make colorful flowers out of cupcake liners. Make sure to watch our craft tutorial video inside this post before you get started too.

Supplies needed for your simple flower craft

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Instructions for making your Cupcake Liner Flowers

1. Begin by downloading and printing our the flower craft template. Print out the first page of leaf shapes and flower stems on green cardstock paper. Print out the second page of circles on yellow cardstock paper. Cut out each of the pieces of the template.

2. Choose six cupcake liners to create your flowers. We went with a rainbow theme when making our flowers, but you can choose whichever colors are your favorite. Flatten out each cupcake liner and glue a yellow circle in the center.

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3. Use scissors to cut slits around the perimeter of each of the cupcake liners to make petal shapes.

4. Glue the three long flower stems on your 12-inch by 12-inch blue cardstock paper. Make sure to leave a little more than inch of your blue cardstock on the sides of the outside flower stems.

5. Add glue on the back of each of your cupcake liner flowers and glue them onto the flower stems. Start by glue three of the flowers at the top of each stem. Then glue three more flowers in the middle of the long flower stems.

6. Glue two flower petals under each cupcake liner flower on the flower stems.

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7. Cut off a length of green cardstock paper about 2-inches by 12-inches. Use scissors to cut slits along one side of the paper strip to create grass. Or, if you have fancy herb scissors, these are perfect for cutting slits of grass along paper.

8. Add glue on the bottom of the green grass paper strip and glue it at the bottom of your cupcake liner flowers craft.

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