Butterfly Finger Puppet Craft

If you are looking for a fun and playful spring craft to keep the kids busy and entertained this weekend, this butterfly finger puppet craft is perfect!

These colorful butterfly finger puppets require a little adult assistance for little ones to make but afterwards kids will have a blast with their butterflies, fluttering them around the house endlessly.

Close up image of someone playing with the butterfly finger puppet with two more puppets out of focus in the backrground.

How to Make a Felt Butterfly Finger Puppet

Our handy template makes creating these butterflies super easy, along with the fact that you only need a few simple craft supplies to make them.

Follow along with our easy tutorial below to make your own butterfly puppets. Make sure to watch our video tutorial inside this post before you get started too.

Square image of three children playing with butterfly finger puppets

Supplies needed to make your felt finger puppets:

  • Butterfly Pattern <—– Get the craft template here
  • felt (colors of your choice)
  • googly eyes
  • sequins
  • glitter glue
  • string
  • scissors
  • pen for tracing

Instructions for making a butterfly finger puppet

1. Download and print out the butterfly template. Cut out each of the butterfly pattern pieces. Trace the patterns onto your felt pieces with a pen and then cut them out with a sturdy pair of scissors.

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supplies for making butterfly finger puppet laying out on a black and white striped placemat.

2. Fold your felt butterfly body in half and cut two small slits in the body, close to the edges. See picture above and below as a guide.

3. Roll one side of your felt butterfly wings up and put them down through one slit in the butterfly body and then up through the other slit. Unfold your butterfly wing.

close up image showing how to fold the butterfly wings inside the butterfly body to make the finger puppet.

4. Use the glitter glue and sequins to decorate your butterfly puppet. You will also want to use your glitter glue to glue on your googly eyes and give your butterfly a smile.

5. Cut off a piece of your string for the antennae. Fold it in a V-shape and glue it onto the back of the butterfly head.

Square close up image of decorating butterfly finger puppet with sequins and glitter glue.

6. Let the glitter glue and glue on your butterfly dry completely before playing with it.

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Child playing with a pink and green felt butterfly puppet.

How to Play with your Butterfly Finger Puppet

When your finger puppet is finished drying, slide your finger between the two pieces of felt under the butterfly body.

Now children can move their finger and hand up and down and side to side to watch as their butterfly flutters around.

Vertical close up image of someone playing with butterfly finger puppet with two puppets out of focus in the background and the words "Butterfly Puppets" in the bottom right corner.

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