Choose your perfect shade of burgundy!

These are the on-trend shades of burgundy for 2024- which will you choose?

Colors have the power to elicit certain feelings and emotions from us, and burgundy feels like a color of passion, love and warmth.

However, there is more to this color than you may think, as there are many different shades!

If you want to inject some love, warmth and coziness to your home, we have 25 shades of this amazing color to get you started.

Here are our Readers Most Voted for Shades of Burgundy


RGB: 128, 0, 32
Hex: #800020
Common Uses: Dining room and bedroom accents.
Matches well with: Turquoise.


Burgundy can be a tricky color to incorporate into your décor and color schemes as it can be a bit overpowering. It’s commonly used for dining rooms and as a bedroom color accent.

This first shade of burgundy would be perfect for either of those purposes and more!

Dark Burgundy

RGB: 92, 9, 35
Hex: #5C0923
Common Uses: Meditative spaces and massage parlors.
Matches well with: Muted greys.


Dark burgundy is a beautifully rich color that creates a feeling of warmth and calm. I think this would be a perfect color for something like a massage parlor where you want to create a feeling of comfort.

Maroon Burgundy

RGB: 128, 0, 0
Hex: #800000
Common Uses: Bedroom accents and décor.
Matches well with: Dark turquoise.


Maroon burgundy is so beautiful, but for some tastes it may be too dark for wall colors. However, it can be amazing when used for décor and accents like pillows, curtains and other objects.

Would you use it for a whole room?

Wine Burgundy

RGB: 140, 0, 26
Hex: #8C001A
Common Uses: Cellars and dining rooms.
Matches well with: Light blue.


Wine burgundy lives up to its name, as it makes me think of a classy red wine. I think it would be great for a wine cellar or a tasting room, as it helps to create the same feeling a glass of red wine would.

Deep Burgundy

RGB: 103, 28, 53
Hex: #671C35
Common Uses: Bedroom walls and accessories.
Matches well with: Deep blue.


Deep burgundy won’t be to every taste, but for some, this will be an amazing choice. I could see it being used as the main color for a trendy girl’s bedroom, for example.

Can you think of any other uses?

This is one of my favorites so far!

Velvet Burgundy

RGB: 120, 24, 74
Hex: #78184A
Common Uses: Color accents and décor.
Matches well with: Muted green.


Velvet burgundy is so rich, and it seems like quite a regal color to me. This would add a touch of class and luxury if used as an accent or for specific pieces of décor.

Cranberry Burgundy

RGB: 158, 0, 58
Hex: #9E003A
Common Uses: Dining rooms or bedrooms.
Matches well with: Light blue.


Cranberry burgundy is so rich and inviting, and while it’s a powerful color it would still be a good choice as the dominant color of a room.

I could see myself using this for a bedroom color, for example!

Garnet Burgundy

RGB: 123, 17, 19
Hex: #7B1113
Common Uses: Living room or dining room décor.
Matches well with: Pastel purple.


Garnet burgundy is a dark and passionate shade that will bring so much warmth to any room it’s incorporated into. It’s another shade some may find overwhelming in large doses, so you may want to keep it more subdued.

It depends on your taste though!

Merlot Burgundy

RGB: 115, 0, 57
Hex: #730039
Common Uses: Bathroom towels or bedroom linen.
Matches well with: Light green.


Merlot burgundy is a color that really fills me with warmth. When I see this shade, I imagine it for bedroom linen or as a color for bathroom towels that would suit the rest of the color scheme.

Have you some uses in mind for this shade?

Claret Burgundy

RGB: 127, 23, 52
Hex: #7F1734
Common Uses: Warm and cozy color schemes.
Matches well with: Pastel green.


Claret burgundy is another rich, passionate shade that could be used as a compliment to lighter colors or as a dominant color scheme for a bold color statement.

It’s up to your style and personal taste to incorporate this lovely shade!

Dark Scarlet

RGB: 86, 3, 25
Hex: #560319
Common Uses: Curtains and tablecloths.
Matches well with: Dark turquoise.


Dark scarlet is such a dark and luxurious shade. It can be used for things like curtains and tablecloths to add a dark touch to your room’s color scheme, especially when contrasted with lighter colors.

This shade can be used very effectively!

Oxblood Burgundy

RGB: 74, 4, 4
Hex: #4A0404
Common Uses: As a contrast to lighter, more vibrant colors.
Matches well with: Deep pink.


Sometimes, colors really come alive when they’re contrasted. Using something like oxblood burgundy in contrast to lighter color highlights can really bring out the best in it.

You can use it as a dominant color if you wish, however! It’s up to you in the end.

Mahogany Burgundy

RGB: 78, 42, 94
Hex: #4E2A5E
Common Uses: Girl’s bedrooms and party décor.
Matches well with: Pastel dark green.


Mahogany burgundy is a great shade to bring some dark class and sophistication to a room. It’s also a favorite for teenage girls to use as their room color, as it’s feminine but also mature.

These are just a few of its uses!

Bordeaux Burgundy

RGB: 92, 1, 32
Hex: #5C0120
Common Uses: Accents in a dining or living room.
Matches well with: Dark green.


Bordeaux burgundy is a color as rich and vibrant as its namesake! This dark shade could be best used as a complement to other colors and could be kept nice and subtle if used in small doses.

It certainly is a rich addition to any room!

Raspberry Burgundy

RGB: 135, 38, 87
Hex: #872657
Common Uses: Teenage girl’s bedrooms and parties.
Matches well with: Dark turquoise.


Raspberry burgundy is a color that will appeal to many teenage girls for their bedrooms, as it’s another funky yet mature shade. It would also be an amazing color scheme for a cool birthday party!

Plum Burgundy

RGB: 142, 49, 121
Hex: #8E3179
Common Uses: Party décor or room accents.
Matches well with: Dark green.


Plum burgundy could be used in many different ways, and it depends on the color scheme you have going on. It’s a good fit for party décor or as an accent contrasted with other colors in a larger color scheme set.

Beetroot Burgundy

RGB: 132, 27, 45
Hex: #841B2D
Common Uses: Curtains or bedroom walls.
Matches well with: Dark purple.


Beetroot burgundy is a warm shade that could work as an accent or as the dominant color in a room. This is another case of preference, as you may like to keep it more subtle or dominant depending on your taste.

Dark Cherry

RGB: 120, 24, 74
Hex: #78184A
Common Uses: Funky styles and color contrast.
Matches well with: Dark orange.


Dark cherry is a shade that has a youthful funkiness to it that would make it great for quirky, modern styles. Contrasting it with some dark orange would also create a Halloween inspired style for a seasonal feel. What would you like to use it for?

Port Wine Burgundy

RGB: 105, 37, 69
Hex: #692545
Common Uses: Party decorations and room accents.
Matches well with: Dark blue.


This shade is a slightly lighter one compared to the previous shade. It shows that you have a lot of options to find the exact color that suits your specific taste. It’s another funky, modern color that could be used for all sorts of fun things!

Burgundy Rose

RGB: 144, 0, 32
Hex: #900020
Common Uses: Dining room walls or accessories.
Matches well with: Light turquoise.


Burgundy rose is one of the richest forms of burgundy, and I confess it may be my favorite. There is such a warmth and richness to it, and it would make for a perfect dining room aesthetic for you and your guests.

Ruby Burgundy

RGB: 155, 17, 30
Hex: #9B111E
Common Uses: Curtains or duvet covers.
Matches well with: Vibrant green.


Ruby burgundy would be a color I could see myself using as a theme for a bedroom, perhaps with the curtains, duvet covers and other linen. This would compliment many different color schemes, making it quite versatile.

Sangria Burgundy

RGB: 146, 0, 10
Hex: #92000A
Common Uses: Warm, cozy spaces.
Matches well with: Teal green.


Sangria burgundy is one of those shades that creates a feeling of warmth and comfort. Therefore, I think it’s well suited to living rooms, dens and other spaces where coziness is desired. Do you think you would use it for such purposes?

Crimson Burgundy

RGB: 153, 0, 51
Hex: #990033
Common Uses: Girl’s rooms and fancy events.
Matches well with: Violet.


Crimson burgundy is a good mix of modern and classy. This would make it a good choice for an older girl’s bedroom or maybe a fancy even for younger folks. It would pair well with many colors, too!

Rusty Burgundy

RGB: 140, 0, 26
Hex: #8C001A
Common Uses: Cozy rooms and accents.
Matches well with: Bright green.


This shade of rusty burgundy is the final rich shade we have before we end on something more muted. It could once more be a dominant color or an accent depending on your preference. What would you like to use this for?

Terra Cotta Burgundy

RGB: 139, 115, 91
Hex: #8B735B
Common Uses: Office areas or contrasted with bright colors.
Matches well with: Light pastel green.


To end this collection, we have a bit of an odd one out. This one may look dull, but it can be very effective if paired with a warmer color. Try pairing it with a warmer shade from this collection!

In Summary

These 25 shades really show off that burgundy can be way more varied than one may think! My personal favorite was burgundy rose because of how rich and vibrant it is, but it would be interesting to know your favorites. I’m sure you will have lots of fun decorating with these shades of burgundy!

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