Choose your perfect shade of Celadon!

These are the on-trend shades of Celadon for 2024 – which will you choose?

Sometimes, you need a soft and breezy color to integrate into your color scheme or to start a new one. Celadon can be a perfect choice for this, but which shade should you choose?

To help you pick the perfect shade, we have 25 of the most beautiful celadon shades to help you choose what will work best for you.

Here are our Readers Most Voted for Shades of Celadon


RGB: 172, 225, 175
Hex: #ACE1AF
Common Uses: Bathrooms and calm spaces.
Matches well with: Lilac purple.


To begin this look at celadon, we will begin with the standard shade. This is a lovely light turquoise with softness to it while still having some color vibrancy.

It’s perfect for rooms such as bathrooms or any room you want to feel calm and inviting.

Soft Celadon

RGB: 179, 230, 179
Hex: #B3E6B3
Common Uses: Bedrooms or bathrooms.
Matches well with: Light olive green.


Soft celadon is a slightly lighter shade of the standard celadon. It creates an even milder look but still maintains some color depth as well.

It’s perfect for many of the same things that regular celadon would be good for, too!

Pale Celadon

RGB: 194, 237, 194
Hex: #C2EDC2
Common Uses: Beach homes and water themes.
Matches well with: Light pink.


Pale celadon is a lovely mild shade that is even more subtle. Even if used dominantly in a space, it won’t draw too much attention from your other colors.

It can also make for a great color accent and complement.

Mint Celadon

RGB: 162, 217, 162
Hex: #A2D9A2
Common Uses: Bedrooms and offices.
Matches well with: Pastel pink.


Mint celadon darkens things up just slightly, as the color intensity is a bit higher here. It’s less subtle and should be used a bit more deliberately in a space.

It’s perfect for a calm bedroom or office space!

Seafoam Celadon

RGB: 180, 232, 180
Hex: #B4E8B4
Common Uses: Boy’s rooms or nurseries.
Matches well with: Light blue.


Seafoam celadon has a lovely softness to it that makes it really versatile. You could use it for a boy’s room or even for a nursery, as the soft color won’t be too overwhelming for younger kids.

What other uses can you think of?

Fresh Celadon

RGB: 156, 214, 156
Hex: #9CD69C
Common Uses: Bedroom walls and water themed spaces.
Matches well with: Pastel blue.


I love the cool vibrancy of fresh celadon. It makes the shade a bit darker while still maintaining that lovely softness. It would be one I would consider using for a bedroom color scheme or any aquatic themed space.

Light Celadon

RGB: 196, 235, 196
Hex: #C4EBC4
Common Uses: Swimming pool areas or inviting bedrooms.
Matches well with: Light green.


Light celadon keeps things nice and subtle, and makes for a lovely soft dominant color for any space. Or, you could use it as more of a color accent to go with brighter colors instead.

What do you think of when you see this shade?

Whisper Celadon

RGB: 209, 243, 209
Hex: #D1F3D1
Common Uses: Bedrooms or living rooms.
Matches well with: Light pink


Whisper celadon lives up to its name, as it is a really soft shade that’s barely louder than a whisper!

You can still easily see the light blue of this shade, but it is so subtle and soft that it won’t dominate even a larger space.

Pastel Celadon

RGB: 216, 250, 216
Hex: #D8FAD8
Common Uses: Calming bedrooms and playrooms.
Matches well with: Light beige.


Pastel celadon is a soft and subtle shade that still has a lot of beauty to it. You could easily use this for a large bedroom space and it wouldn’t distract from your décor and style.

It will blend in to many color schemes, but you will still notice it!

Sage Celadon

RGB: 174, 225, 167
Hex: #AEE1A7
Common Uses: Meditative spaces or nurseries.
Matches well with: Light purple.


Sage celadon is a slightly darker, richer shade than some of the ones we have seen so far. This makes it a bit more dominant when used in a space, but it doesn’t lose that subtlety that celadon is known for.

Willow Celadon

RGB: 183, 231, 183
Hex: #B7E7B7
Common Uses: Nurseries and play rooms.
Matches well with: Light purple.


Willow celadon is another soft and subtle form of celadon, and it is perfect for young kids’ bedrooms due to how it is so unobtrusive. It can also serve as the dominant color for a room, and it could work for many color schemes.

Meadow Celadon

RGB: 150, 202, 150
Hex: #96CA96
Common Uses: Bathrooms or pool areas.
Matches well with: Lilac purple.


Meadow celadon is a bit of a darker shade, and it makes me think of the water of a calm ocean. This same sense of calm and peace could be brought to a bathroom, or you could use it for an outdoor swimming pool area.

Celadon Frost

RGB: 192, 234, 192
Hex: #C0EAC0
Common Uses: Bedrooms or offices.
Matches well with: Light pink


Celadon frost is a cold and subtle color shade that brings a sense of calm and tranquility to any room. It could be used for a bedroom or an office for a few ideas. What other rooms could you use it for?

Misty Celadon

RGB: 184, 226, 184
Hex: #B8E2B8
Common Uses: Bedrooms or living rooms.
Matches well with: Light pastel purple.


Misty celadon is a nice halfway point between the darker and lighter shades we have seen so far. It’s subtle enough that it could be used in pretty much any room, but dark enough that you will still notice it.
Where could you use this color in your home?

Dreamy Celadon

RGB: 161, 214, 161
Hex: #A1D6A1
Common Uses: Boys nursery or playroom.
Matches well with: Darker purple.


Dreamy celadon lives up to its name, as it creates a calm, sleepy feeling. This makes it perfect for the nursery or playroom of a young boy, as it will help to make them relaxed and ready for sleep.

Celadon Green

RGB: 179, 225, 179
Hex: #B3E1B3
Common Uses: Meditative spaces or offices.
Matches well with: Light red.


Celadon green is another relaxing and calming shade, and when I saw it, I immediately thought of using it for a home office. It would help to make work so much more relaxing and productive. That’s what came to mind for me, but what about you?

Tranquil Celadon

RGB: 189, 235, 185
Hex: #BDEBB9
Common Uses: Interior or exterior walls.
Matches well with: Lilac pink.


Tranquil celadon is another aptly named shade, as it does create a sense of tranquility. I think this color would work equally well as an interior or an exterior color for your house.

It would fit into so many color schemes!

Celadon Blue

RGB: 169, 216, 212
Hex: #A9D8D4
Common Uses: Boy’s room or party décor.
Matches well with: Dark pink.


Celadon blue is one of the bluest tones in this collection, which isn’t that surprising given its name. This would be a great choice for a boy’s bedroom or even something like party décor.

It could also be used for a gender reveal party!

Blue-Green Celadon

RGB: 170, 211, 201
Hex: #AAD3C9
Common Uses: Bedrooms or bathrooms.
Matches well with: Dark pink.


Blue-green celadon is such a rich, blue shade that is so perfect for many different purposes. It’s a bit too strong to use as a subtle background color, but it can work as a more dominant color for a space.

Celadon Mist

RGB: 202, 223, 211
Hex: #CADFD3
Common Uses: Bedroom linen and accessories.
Matches well with: Light purple.


Celadon mist dials back the intensity for a lovely soft shade that does indeed make one think of heavy mist. This can be a great color for bedroom linens, duvets or curtains to befit a softer, cooler color scheme.

Celadon Wash

RGB: 212, 234, 212
Hex: #D4EAD4
Common Uses: Bedroom walls or a nursery.
Matches well with: Light purple


Celadon wash makes things even lighter and breezier, and it makes it another great choice for a subtle color choice for any room in your home.

It’s so subtle that you may not even notice it in some instances, but sometimes that’s what you want from a wall color.

Ocean Celadon

RGB: 161, 196, 180
Hex: #A1C4B4
Common Uses: Darker color schemes and office spaces.
Matches well with: Burnt orange.


Ocean celadon is one of the darkest shades we have seen so far, and it’s a beautiful, rich hue. I would love to use this shade for something, as it makes me think of its namesake, the deep blue ocean. This is one of my favorites so far!

Celadon Haze

RGB: 214, 236, 217
Hex: #D6ECD9
Common Uses: Soft color schemes and playrooms.
Matches well with: Light purple.


Celadon haze dials it back again for a misty, light shade of celadon. This could be used in pretty much any context you could want it for, and it’s another one that can blend into certain color schemes brilliantly.

Celadon Pearl

RGB: 201, 226, 217
Hex: #C9E2D9
Common Uses: Bedrooms or bathrooms.
Matches well with: Pink.


Celadon peal does indeed have a pearlescent hue to it, and it’s a truly lovely shade that could be used for so many different rooms and styles. It’s perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms, if you ask me!

Celadon Mist

RGB: 203, 216, 204
Hex: #CBD8CC
Common Uses: Bedroom or living room walls.
Matches well with: Dark pastel green.


This final shade is another light shade that maintains its color richness. Whether it’s used for a bedroom, living room or any other setting, it will bring a sense of cool color to your space!

In Summary

That concludes our collection of 25 of the best shades of celadon. Ocean celadon was my favorite, because it was so dark, rich and versatile.

Now it’s your time to choose all of your favorites for whatever you may have it in mind for! Which shades called out to you in this collection that you could use in your projects?

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