Wooden Spoon Angel Christmas Ornaments

We love making a few new homemade ornaments every holiday season to add to our Christmas tree. I really love how a mix of homemade ornaments makes a tree look so much more homey and personal.

These wooden spoon angel Christmas ornaments are simply elegant and will add such a pretty touch to your tree every year.


How to Make Wooden Spoon Angel Christmas Ornaments

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Supplies Needed to make these Wooden Spoon Angel Ornaments

wooden craft spoons
white craft foam sheet
5-inch round doily
– yarn (color of choice)
gold glitter stick*
fine point black marker
– ribbon
– hot glue gun
– scissors
– glue

(*We received ours from our friends at Craftprojectideas.com. All opinions expressed are my own. You can find them at your local Walmart in the craft aisle.)

Instructions for Making these Wooden Spoon Angel Christmas Ornaments

1. Fold your doily in half and glut it shut. Then cut it in half to make two angel wings.

2. Cut out a white angel gown from your white craft foam sheet and a few strands of yarn to use for hair. Also, cut off a section of your gold glitter stick to make a halo. Bend the end of the glitter stick section to form a circle and wrap the ends of it around the remaining section of stick to close it shut.

3. Heat up your hot glue gun. Use your fine point black marker to draw eyes, a nose and a mouth onto the back of your wooden spoon.

4. Hot glue your yarn around the top of the spoon for hair. Then glue on the white gown and the wings. Finally, use your hot glue gun to glue the halo behind the angel face.

5. Hot glue a ribbon onto the back of the angel so that you can hang it on your Christmas tree as an ornament.

I love how simple and elegant these wooden spoon angel Christmas ornaments turned out. They will make such a nice homemade addition to your Christmas tree this year.

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