Adorable Envelope Turkey Puppet

I simply cannot get enough of using red water balloons for turkey waddles. Aren’t they the cutest?! Our latest gobbly fun craft is this adorable envelope turkey puppet craft. It’s super simple to make which makes it a perfect Thanksgiving Day craft for kids of all ages.
envelope turkey puppet 4 1

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Supplies you will need:
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1. Start by sealing your envelope and then cut it in half. You’ll need one half for each turkey puppet. Paint the front of your envelope half brown and then let it dry completely.
2. Cut out turkey feathers from your construction paper. When your envelope is dry, glue your feathers onto the back of your envelope.
envelope turkey puppet 3
3. Cut the end of your water balloon off (making it flat helps it glue on easier) and glue it onto your envelope for the turkey waddle. As an alternative to the water balloon, simply cut a waddle out of red construction paper.
4. Finish your turkey puppet by gluing on a beak and googly eyes.
envelope turkey puppet 2
Now your preschooler or toddler can put their hand inside the envelope and have fun with their new turkey puppet. You might enjoy coupling this craft with some fun children’s Thanksgiving books. Here are a few of our favorites:
envelope turkey puppet


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