What color does pink and yellow make when mixed?

Pink and yellow are both highly popular colors that we see in many contexts in our daily lives. We all know these colors well, but do we know what color does pink and yellow make?

The answer to that may not be so obvious, but the good news is that we are here to figure out the answer in this guide!

Not only that, but we will also look at a few of the ways you can use these colors on their own.

Whichever art medium you are working in, we are sure you will find this guide very helpful as you work with these amazing colors.

How you can mix pink and yellow?

When you mix pink and yellow, you can get some beautiful shades from the combination. Unfortunately, you can’t expect to get a huge range of different colors from the two.

We set out to answer what color pink and yellow makes, and the simplest answer would be that it creates a peachy orange color most of the time.

This can certainly depend on the different shades you use, and there are a few other variations. Sometimes, you can get different shades of orange or pink as well.

Darker mixes can also start to result in a light brown color. The thing to remember is that yellow is a primary color whereas pink is a mixture of red adn white, making it a secondary color.

Despite this difference, both of these colors are considered warm colors. We will look at some of the colors you can get from them soon, but first you will need to pick your medium.

Paints are a popular set of mediums for many artists, but you could also use crayons, pastel markers or many others to play around with as you mix colors.

Each medium is special in its own way, so it’s worthwhile to try out lots of different variations. Art is at its best when there is a lot of experimentation involved.

For the rest of this guide, we will assume that you are using some kind of paint medium, but the things we will be covering will apply to any mediums you may be using.

In the next step of the guide, we will have a look at whether pink and yellow are a good combination for you to use.

Are pink and yellow a good combination to mix together?

Pink and yellow are two colors that don’t have that much in common with one another.

If you look on the color wheel, you will see that they are fairly close to one another, but that is where the similarities end.

They are neither complementary colors nor close enough to be variations of one another. Does that mean that they are a bad combination?

Not at all! The fact that they are so different can make it so that they create an interesting contrast. But what colors will you get when you mix them?

This depends on the shades of pink and yellow that you use, but you will generally get a muted pink color when mixing them.

The color will often be a salmon pink depending on how intense the pink or yellow you use is.

It’s a color combination that isn’t as versatile as some others, but it is a really beautiful color to admire.

We will show you some of the color combinations in more detail as we move through the guide.

While pink and yellow can look great together, some shades simply won’t really work as well. There is no hard and fast rule for this, and it can depend on personal taste.

For one example of a combination that we think isn’t that appealing, we will provide some color hex codes for you to look up on your favorite search engine.

We have a beautiful neon pink with #ff00dd, and then a light pastel yellow with #f6f89b. Individually these colors look great, but next to each other they don’t seem to fit as well.

When pairing colors, you should generally try to match the intensity of the colors. A more neon yellow may look great with that pink, for example.

As we mentioned, this can depend on personal preference. Now that we know that pink and yellow can be a good combination, let’s see some of the results you can hope to achieve in the next step.

What results you can expect?

As we mentioned earlier, when you mix pink and yellow you will be most likely to get a salmon pink color.

In the previous step, we showed a combination of pink and yellow that we felt didn’t work so well.

That was what we thought for the colors next to each other, but what about when they are mixed? If you mix them together, you will get a lovely pink color with #fb7cbc.

Therefore, just because they may not look that great together, you may find that the mixture looks good.

Also, the example we just gave could vary for you if you use a greater quantity of one color over another.

Let’s substitute that yellow that we used with a brighter one. We will use the same pink from earlier, so it will be #ff00dd for the pink and #fbff00 for an equally bright yellow.

Mixed together, we get a stunning darker pink color with #fd806f. This sort of tone will be what you can generally expect from this mixture, but you can make it lighter or darker depending on your preference.

That is something we will look at later on in the guide. When it comes to the colors you can expect, remember that different mediums will provide different outcomes.

For example, you could use the exact same shades of colors with watercolors as you do with acrylic paints. Even though the shades are the same, the watercolors will be much lighter.

Each medium has its place, and it again depends on what you want to create.

As long as you take the time to play around with your favorite colors and mediums you will find that you will get even better at anticipating the results.

Remember that pairing the intensity of the colors is a great way to have a good match. Even when you try to anticipate the results, you may be surprised by some combinations.

There is a lot of joy to be had in the discovery of certain combinations. If you have a sketchbook to use, you can experiment with all of the colors that you are curious about to see what happens.

Once you have your pink and yellow shades worked out, you can then move on to using them in some great artworks! In the next step, we will cover some great uses for these colors.

Best uses for pink and yellow mixes

Pink and yellow are two colors that are not seen together as often as some other color combinations. They can be used together in some instances, however!

For example, you will often see pink and yellow on flowers and petals. A flower may have pink petals with a yellow center, and this can look absolutely lovely.

Or, you could pair a beautiful yellow flower with a pink one for a picture that has some great color contrast. Other than with flowers, you’re unlikely to see pink and yellow together in nature.

Moving away from nature pictures, you could use pink and yellow in other facets of design.

If you use some of the softer pastel examples of these colors we’ve looked at, it could make a good combination for a room’s wall color.

If you’re trying to implement nice colors for decor, then pink and yellow could be a good combination if chosen wisely. Some combinations may not be as appealing, so you should try out a few options.

If you’re wanting to make an interesting visual design for a banner or other project, then pink and yellow could be a less conventional but still interesting combination to use.

It’s up to you to get creative with it and see what you can do with these colors! If you’re trying to pair pink and yellow but can’t get a combination you like, try to switch up the art mediums you’re using.

That could be the key to unlocking the potential of the color combination. A softer watercolor approach may fit what you’re aiming for more than a harsher acrylic paint method.

If you love these colors, then you could probably find a way to incorporate them into any kind of artwork you would like to create.

If you simply can’t seem to find the right color combinations, there are a few things you can try.

In the next step of this guide, we will look at some of the ways that you can customize the colors you use to be exactly as you need them.

pink and yellow flowers


Lighter and darker pink and yellow mixes

We have seen a few pink and yellow mixes in this guide that range from darker to lighter. When you are mixing colors, you may be wondering how you can get the colors to be just right.

You have seen how you can try to anticipate the colors you will land up with, but even if you prepare a lot they may not be quite what you needed.

If this is the case, you may need to use colors other than pink and yellow to get the colors where they need to be.

For example, black and white are the standards when it comes to making colors darker or lighter.

Using pure black or white could compromise the tones of your colors, though. If you need a light peach color and aren’t quite there, you can use other colors to get it closer.

For example, you could mix up a really light pink by mixing a larger blob of white with a small amount of red.

This pink color would still make the colors lighter, but wouldn’t flatten the tones as pure white would.

You could even use colors like blue to make it darker while also keeping the colors nice and rich. It can take a bit of observation if you’re trying to replicate specific colors.

Earlier, we mentioned practicing on a separate surface, and this is again highly recommended. If you use a sketchbook or a spare piece of paper then you can try out as many combinations as you wish.

You may also want to take notes on the colors you used if you happen upon the combination you’ve been looking for. Then, you can use the colors you discovered on the final picture or design.

Remember to not only rely on black and white if you need to make the colors lighter or darker. Try to identify the undertones of the colors so that you can use the best colors to alter what you have.

In summary

Now you know what color does pink and yellow make when mixed as well as some of the other ways they can be used together.

It may not be a classic color combination, but these colors can still look gorgeous!

If you take the time to find the right shades, mediums and combinations of these colors then you can achieve some amazing results.

Experimentation is the key to success, so have fun trying out your favorite pink and yellow shades.

You can create some soft and subtle pieces or make the colors bright and bold to really leap off of the page. Whatever you create, we know it will look amazing!

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