What color does pink and purple make when mixed?

Pink and purple are two beautiful colors that are rather similar to each other. They are both really popular, and are frequently associated with love and affection.

But what color does pink and purple make when mixed? This question has a lot to it, and we will be tackling the answers throughout this guide.

We will also provide some examples that you can look up yourself as well.
Not only that, but we will also be covering some tips and ways that you can make some incredible colors.

So get ready to see everything that is possible when you mix these two wonderful colors together!

How you can mix pink and purple?

If you look on a color wheel, you will see that pink and purple are direct neighbors. In fact, it can be said that pink and purple are variations of one another, as either can be turned into the other.

They are both known as secondary colors on the color wheel, and they can be created in a few ways. Pink is created by mixing red and white, whereas purple is made from mixing red and blue.

That being said, purple can also be made by mixing blue with pink. Because these colors are so similar, you may be wondering how you can mix and use them together.

You will find that many shades of pink and purple go well with one another, but you should make sure you pick the right shades for your needs.

This can depend heavily on the kinds of colors you need for whatever you’re creating. Because these colors are so similar, they can work well as a gradient.

That means that the pink will gradually morph into purple and vice versa. You can also get some really pretty combinations with many shades of pink and purple.

You can mix these colors no matter what you may be using. In physical media, you have mediums like paint and pastels that make mixing the colors so much easier.

You can also mix these colors with paint you may be using for a room or some decor. If you are creating digital art, then that makes it even easier to try out different combinations.

The short answer is that you can mix pink and purple in many different mediums and combinations. This is true whether they are being mixed or simply used next to one another.

In the next few steps, we will be covering not only how you can mix them but whether it is a good combination in the first place.

Are pink and purple a good combination to mix together?

Earlier, we mentioned that pink and purple are two very similar colors. If you start adding colors like white, red or blue you can very quickly see your pink turn into a purple and vice versa.

This can make it tricky to mix these colors, as one can simply swallow up the other. With many other color combinations, there are lots of results you can get from mixing colors.

Some color combinations can give you multiple variations depending on the shades you use. With pink and purple, you will always get a variation of one of these colors.

It is a way to make the colors more dynamic and adjustable to your tastes, but you won’t get browns or any other colors from pink and purple.

Throughout this guide, we will be using what are known as hex color codes. Every shade of every color has a code that you can enter into an image search to see.

Some websites even let you combine these codes to see what they create. If you search these hex codes as we provide them, you will find it much easier to follow!

For now, let’s do a very simple combo. For pink, we will use #ff2ed2 and for purple we will use #7800f0. If you look these up, you will see that they are fairly similar in brightness.

They result in a beautiful and rich purple color of #bc17e1. We will go over some more nuanced combinations later, but this already shows us that they will give us a result of either pink and purple.

To summarize though, pink and purple are definitely a great combination if used wisely. If paired well, these colors can really enhance one another, but some thought does need to be put into it.

Next, let’s go over some of the results that you can potentially anticipate when mixing pink and purple.

What results you can expect?

We have very briefly touched on some of the results you can expect from mixing pink and purple together. While you will get a variation of pink and purple, you can still create a wide range.

Experimenting is a big part of seeing what you can get, but we will look at some of the ways you can anticipate the result.

To do this, we will be showing you three combinations: dark colors, light colors and a mix of both.

For dark colors, we will use #e600b4 for pink and #5400a8 for purple. This gives us #9d00ae as a result. If you look up that hex code, you will see a rich purple with a reddish tone to it.

Next, let’s try #ff9eea for a light pink and #c48dfc for a really light purple. This gives us a stunningly delicate light purple with #e296f3.

These two combinations have shown us something to remember. If you mix dark colors, the colors will be dark and if you mix light then that will have the opposite effect.

But what if you make one color dark and one light? For this combination, we will use the same dark pink from earlier, #e600b4.

We will then use an even lighter purple with #ebd6ff. This gives us the color of #e96bda, which is a nice dark pink.

As you can see, the darker color overpowered the lighter one. If we had made purple the darker color, then you probably would have seen the end result be a purple shade.

If you use hot pink, then there will probably be a red tone to the color that makes it a bit warmer. The results can vary, but you can logically predict what the color may be to a point.

Just keep these examples in mind and remember how we reached each result as you start to mix your own colors.

Remember, if you don’t get the color you wanted right away, you can change it with some subtle tweaks. This is something we will cover in much greater detail for the final step of this guide.

For now, we will be looking at some of the best ways that you can use pink and purple along with some of the ways you can use the mixes you get from them.

Best uses for pink and purple mixes

We have looked at a few combinations you can get from mixing pink and purple, but before we look at the finer details of these combinations we will look at some of the best ways you can use these colors.

These secondary colors have a lot that is associated with them. They are colors that are commonly used with red to show love, affection and romance.

Purple and especially pink are also commonly seen as feminine colors in many cultures.

This has started to become less the case in recent years, but many people will still use pink and purple for girls’ rooms and parties.

For this reason, pink and purple are both colors you will see in Valentine’s gifts and decor. But what are some other places you can find these colors?

If you look at nature, you will see both pink and purple in certain places. The most common places would be on flower petals, plants and leaves.

In certain weather conditions at the right time of day, you will also see pink and purple as well as combinations they make in the sky for a stunning sight.

So as you can see, you have many ways that you can use these colors.

Whether you are creating a natural landscape painting or designing something for a loved one, you can use these colors in many ways.

Pink and purple can bring softness, warmth or passion to any picture you’re creating. As long as you pick the right shades and tones, you can use them in so many different ways.

This is why it is so fun to play around and experiment with your colors and mediums so you can discover everything that is possible.

If you look at your paint set, you may have pink and purple ready to go, but that doesn’t mean that they will be the shades you want or need.

Paint sets (or any medium you use) are usually there to give you a base to work from.

For that reason, we will next be looking at some of the ways that you can customize your colors to look exactly as you need them to.

pink and purple rain

Lighter and darker pink and purple mixes

This final tip will be about creating lighter and darker mixes of these colors. This is something we touched on in one of the previous steps of the guide.

When creating colors, it’s not usually enough to just add two colors together and call it a day.

It can be like creating a chemical concoction, in that you will need to try out different variations and experiments.

Sometimes, mixing colors is all about creating a color that appeals to you. Other times, you will be trying to create very specific colors.

For example, let’s say you have three flowers in a vase. One is pink, one is purple and one is somewhere in between.

If you want to accurately portray these colors, you will need to do some experimenting for each one.

When you are close but not quite there for a color, you can use other colors to change it. If your color is a bit too light, you may want to add some drops of black or maybe dark blue paint.

If it’s too dark, then you may want to add some white or light red. It depends on the tones of colors that you want.

That pink flower could have a warm tone or a cool one, so the colors you add need to be thought out.

If you’re planning on using pink and purple together in an image, you may also want to make one light and one dark in order to differentiate them.

If their tones are really different, then they could be right next to each other and still stand out from one another. This is why it’s important to try out different variations and mixtures before committing.

Whatever you may be painting or creating, you will be rewarded when you put in more work and preparation. With enough trying, there is no color you can’t create if you do enough experimenting!

In summary

Pink and purple are two beautiful colors, and we hope you enjoyed learning more about the possibilities each present!

We aimed to discover what color does pink and purple make when mixed, but we also wanted to cover a lot more.

As you have seen in this guide, you can have many uses for pink and purple in your art.

With so many possibilities, there are some exciting ways you can use these popular colors.  Remember to experiment on a spare surface or by using a tool online.

The more you practice, the more you will get a better understanding of these colors and what is possible with them.

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