What color does pink and blue make when mixed?

Pink and blue are two colors that are beloved worldwide.

Many people will happily declare them as their favorite colors if asked, and therefore they are commonly seen in many facets of art and design.

But what color does pink and blue make when mixed? That is the question we are here to answer in this guide.

Not only that, but we will also cover how to mix them, things you could use the resulting colors on and whether it’s even a good idea to begin with.

With that, let’s begin and see all of the possibilities that pink and blue can provide us!

How you can mix pink and blue?

First, we will tackle the question of how you can mix pink and blue. When it comes to this question, you can look at it in terms of design as well as how you can literally mix them.

We will cover both of these facets here and in subsequent steps of this guide in varying levels of detail. In color theory, blue is known as a cool color, so useful for things like water or ice.

With pink, it gets a little more complicated. It is generally perceived as a warm color due to its closer relationship to red.

That being said, certain shades can be considered cool colors. Regardless, pink and blue actually tend to go quite well with one another if the right shades are chosen.

Now you may be wondering what color you will get when you mix pink and blue. The answer to this question is that you will get a shade of purple.

The shade of purple you end up with will depend on certain factors, but you can bet that we will cover all of these factors as we move through the guide.

In terms of practicality, you can mix your shades of pink and blue together. This is usually done with paints, but pastels, crayons and other mediums can be used as well.

By combining the two, you end up with a whole new and unique color! We will also be telling you how to do that while having more control later on in the guide.

Now that we know a bit more on how you can mix pink and blue, let’s tackle the next point which concerns whether it’s even a good idea to begin with.

After that, we will then look at some uses for the colors and how you can create your own perfect combinations.

Are pink and blue a good combination to mix together?

The question we are examining in this point is whether it’s good to mix pink and blue. The answer to that can be a resounding yes in many circumstances!

To answer that question, you need to ask yourself a different one. That question is “Do I need purple for my picture?”

If that answer is yes, then you will find yourself answering yes to the first part as well. Pink and blue are not technically complementary colors, but they still go well together.

However, culturally speaking they are at odds with one another. Generally in most societies, pink is considered a girly color whereas blue is considered a boy’s color.

Why this is the case is anyone’s guess, and it doesn’t mean that boys can’t like pink or girls like blue. Regardless, it is the association that most people will give the colors to.

If buying presents for a baby boy, they will more likely than not be blue and vice versa. Despite this difference, they can still create pleasing results when used with each other.

Also, purple is generally considered a girl’s color as well. With pink and blue, you can create light or dark purples depending on what you’re trying to create.

Using purple with pink and blue can also create a soothing and pleasing set of colors. We will examine how you can work with the colors to achieve the results you want later on.

For now, we will move on to the next step and look at some of the results you can hope for when mixing pink and blue.

What results you can expect?

Now, we have answered the question of what color does pink and blue make. The quick answer to that is purple, but now it’s time to go deeper.

If we say ‘purple,’ a hue of the color will likely come to mind for each individual. You may think of a deep, rich purple while your friend may think of a light lilac purple.

In order to create any shade of purple, you will want to play around with different quantities of pink and blue as well as any other colors you need to influence the result.

Before we cover how you can create the colors you want with the combination of pink and blue, why not just try it out?

Find some shades of pink and blue that you like in your chosen medium and mix them together.

It will be interesting to see what happens and whether you like the result or not. Then, you can try out different shades, combinations and quantities to see what else you can end up with.

Later on we will find out how you can make it less random and how you can make the colors closer to what you need. But this exercise shows you some of the possibilities that you can expect.

Another thing you can try is to create swatches of pink and blue next to one another and see how they react ith one another.

Certain shades of pink and blue may not look nice next to each other but others will.

Finding out what does and does not work well together is a little bit of foresight and a lot of practice.

You can loosely predict what you may end up with but in the end it will come down to trying different combos.

No matter what medium you are working with, you will want to have a surface you can try out different combinations on.

These experiments should definitely be happening on a separate surface and not the final canvas or page.

blue-pink color


Try to note your experiments as you go, as you may unexpectedly stumble upon the perfect combination. If you do, you will want to remember how you reached that point to you can use the mixture again.

Next, we will look at some of the ways you can use pink and blue mixtures in your artwork and some practical applications.

Best uses for pink and blue mixes

Now we have determined that pink and blue are a good set of colors to mix, but now what can you use them for?

As we mentioned, purple is the color you can expect to land up with if you mix these colors.

Purple is not as common in nature as some other colors, but it is certainly not unheard of! It is a fairly common color in petals and leaves of plants.

Some parrots also have beautiful purple feathers that look really pretty. You can also see shades of purple on some fish and coral species.

These are just a few examples of where you can find purple in nature. That being said, purple is also found in many other contexts in design.

Many people love purple as it can give off feelings of comfort and romance. It will often be used for toys, advertisements and stuffed animals for these reasons.

Purple is also often used in Valentine’s Day cards and gifts because of the romantic connotations. When separated, pink and blue are not used together that often.

Some people will use pink and blue for gender reveal occasions for their soon-to-be-born babies. They are also common colors to use for the paint color of kids’ bedrooms.

As you can see, purple can be quite a versatile color indeed! Pink and blue are also really common, even if they’re not often used in conjunction.

You certainly can use them together for many designs, though. Doing so would likely result in a really calming and pretty picture.

We have given you a few possibilities for purple as well as for pink and blue. Now that you have a few ideas, you can probably think of many other uses for these colors.

Whether you are creating a portrait of something from nature or a fun and funky design, you can really get creative with the uses for these colors.

Now that you know how useful these colors can be, you may be wondering how you can make them look exactly as you want.

In the next step, we will walk you through some ways that you can play around with different colors and combinations in order to make some amazing colors!

Lighter and darker pink and blue mixes

When it comes to creating colors, there is an almost limitless combination of hues you can create.

Before we cover how to mix these colors, we would again like to emphasize how important it is to be observant.

If you are painting something, you should try your best to find a good and accurate reference.

If you’re painting a donut with purple icing, then finding a real donut with that color icing would be the best option.

If you’re painting a purple fish, then try to find a good-quality photo of such a fish. No matter what your reference is, study it closely and try your best to identify the individual color tones.

Is it a darker purple that probably has more blue or is it maybe a milkier purple? Let’s use the first one there as an example and say that whatever you’re painting is a dark purple.

Start off with a darker blue from your collection and then add some pinks. Chances are even with a good guess it won’t be right straight away.

Look again at your reference and try to determine what it could need. This should usually be pretty logical if you think about it.

If it’s not quite dark enough, you can either add some more dark blues or maybe a touch of black. On the other hand, some more pink or some white can make it lighter.

You can also make your own individual custom shades of pink and blues before you mix them. Remember that pink is made with red and white.

Keep experimenting with these combinations and you will soon get the hang of mixing them. Be sure to use any colors you need in order to have it match your subject.

If you’re not so concerned with realism, then just keep experimenting until you have a color that you love! There is really no wrong way to do it, and the key is to just keep trying and have fun as you do it.

Soon you will be able to create any colors and tones you like for the artwork that you are working on.

In summary

You have reached the end of this guide where we aimed to solve the question of what color does pink and blue make.

Now that you have finished it, you can probably see why it was not a quick answer!

The lessons of this guide can be condensed into some smaller points. Essentially, be sure to study whatever you’re aiming to paint closely and then experiment with your colors.

Remember to use all of the tools in your art supplies to achieve your colors. We can’t wait to see what you are able to create with everything you have learned here in this guide!

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