What color does pink and green make when mixed?

When it comes to colors that would go well together, you may not immediately think of pink and green.

While it may not seem like a classic pairing they are actually complementary colors on the color wheel.

This means that they are two colors that can look amazing together! But you may also wonder what color does pink and green make when mixed?

The answers may surprise you, and they can open up lots of different possibilities no matter what you are wanting to create.

So let’s begin as we look at all of the possibilities that the combination of pink and green offer us.

How you can mix pink and green?

Much like any color combination, there are many ways that you can mix pink and green. Unlike some color combinations, however, the results of the combo of pink and green can vary greatly.

This can depend on the shades of either color you use as well as the mediums and quantities you use. Pink and green can certainly be used in many interesting ways though.

Even if you don’t mix them together and merely use them alongside one another, they can look great! But what colors can you get from mixing pink and green?

This can vary from shades of light and dark green to shades of brownish pink or even just brown. As we mentioned, the results can vary greatly depending on a few factors.

That is something we will cover in great detail throughout this guide, so don’t worry about that! We also mentioned that the mediums you use can influence the way the colors look.

For example, if you want lighter shades of the colors you are trying to achieve, you could use a soft medium like watercolor paints. Colored pencils can also be great to use for this purpose.

For richer colors, you can mix and use mediums like acrylic paints and oils if you feel like getting advanced. These are just a few of the mediums you can use to create your art.

No matter what you use, the basics of mixing and using colors remain fairly consistent. It can be tempting to dive right into creating your art, but part of the fun is in experimenting with colors.

It can be helpful to buy a sketch pad or something similar that you can use to play around with colors and mediums. Once you have tried some experimentation, you can learn more in order to better anticipate results.

We will find out how you can do just that in the next few steps of the guide! We will also examine whether it’s even a good idea to use pink and green together in the first place, so let’s proceed.

Are pink and green a good combination to mix together?

As we mentioned, pink and green are both considered complementary colors. But what does this even mean?

In art, there is something called the color wheel. This color wheel can come in a few different forms, as some include many more colors than other more basic ones.

On the color wheel, you will notice that certain colors are opposite each other on the wheel. These are what are known as complementary colors.

This means that these colors will generally go well with one another. This is because these colors will sharply contrast each other and will make each other look more vibrant.

Mixing complementary colors doesn’t always result in something good, though. In fact, if you combine the wrong shades you may end up with a bland color.

To illustrate this, we will provide an example using some color hex codes. You can look up the codes we’re providing online to find the colors we are referencing.

For green, we will mix #0F8A15 and for pink we will mix #FF61D0. Individually, these colors are really pretty and vibrant and look good together.

When mixed, you end up with the fairly bland #877673, which is a light brown. That’s not to say that this color is useless, as there are some places where it would look good.

However, it goes to show that combining two vibrant colors will not always result in something exciting and vibrant. There are some ways that you can try to anticipate the colors you will get!

In the next step of this guide, we will look at some of the results you can expect from this combination.

We will also provide examples that you can look up online to directly see what we mean!

What results you can expect?

We have touched briefly on some of the results you can expect from mixing pink and green.

In this step, we will go into a bit more detail and provide a few examples that you can check out for yourself!

We spoke earlier about how mixing complementary colors can create a more neutral tone. Mixing pink and green will more often than not result in some brown shades.

Depending on the shades you use, the brown could be rich or it could be a bit more washed out. Brown isn’t the only color you can get from mixing pink and green, however.

If you have a dark green and mix in a bit of light pink, you will likely get a green color with a mild pink tone. Darker colors will usually lead to dark mixes and the same can be said for lighter colors.

Having a mixture of light and dark can make things a bit more unpredictable, however! Let’s try a dark pink and green mixture.

For specific examples, we will mix #99006B for a dark pink and #A8FFAD for a light green. This gives us a fairly muted, light brown.

While these examples can give you an idea on a theoretical level, bear in mind that the quantities you use of each color with your paint can impact it.

This example and any others we provide assume that you are mixing an equal amount of each color together. A greater quantity of one color over another will probably have that be the dominant color.

You can try to anticipate the colors you will achieve, but the best way to find out is by finding out!

What we mean is that experimenting with your favorite mediums and colors is the best way to get the hang of it.

You don’t have to jump right into the picture you want to paint. Instead, you can experiment in a sketchbook or a spare piece of canvas.

This is true no matter what mediums you may or may not be using.

Soon, you will learn what different color combinations achieve and then be able to use them in your artwork.

Next, let’s look at some of the ways that you can use pink and green whether they’re used together or mixed to create new variations.

Best uses for pink and green mixes

Pink and green are two colors that have many uses in many types of art and design. Traditionally speaking, pink is seen as a feminine color.

This has waned a bit in recent years, but it will still often be used as the color to denote a girl at a gender reveal. For this reason, it is a color used a lot in products aimed at girls.

Green is a more natural color that has associations with the environment and plants. Each color has its own associations, but the uses for them in conjunction are a bit more limited.

That doesn’t mean that they can’t go well together! As we mentioned, these two colors are complementary.

What this also means is that they will make each other look more vibrant when used with each other.

When it comes to creating standard pictures, you won’t typically find pink and green together much.

What we mean is that green is a very natural color whereas pink is found much less frequently in nature. You could have a pink bird flying over a green tree canopy for one example.

Pink is also commonly found in flowers, so that is a great way to use pink in a natural context. For this reason, these colors can also work well in contexts that are not creating artworks.

For example, floral arrangements and home decor could benefit from the combination of pink and green. When you mix the colors together, your options for various uses expand dramatically.

There are many ways you could use the browns, pink blues and blue pinks you can create with these colors.

As you can see, you have many options available to you with these complementary colors!

Remember to try out different mixtures to see what works for you. Also, maybe try out different mediums to get the kinds of color intensities that you desire for whatever you need them for.

pink and green flower

Lighter and darker pink and green mixes

In this guide, you have seen a few of the colors you can get from mixing pink and green. As you have also seen, the brightness or darkness of these individual colors will influence the end result drastically.

You have also seen how to anticipate and predict the colors you will land up with, but if you don’t get it quite right then you can work at it until you have the color you need.

If you mixed two dark shades of pink and green to get a dark green color but it’s still not dark enough, you could add a few colors to make it darker.

The most obvious one to use would be black, as that will immediately make the color darker. This can make the undertones look a bit flatter, though.

Instead of using pure black, maybe create a really dark green by mixing it with a light green from your art tools.

Add small amounts of this darker green to your main mix until it matches what you need.

When adding colors to make it lighter or darker, we highly recommend taking it slowly and adding very small amounts of these colors. It can be very easy to take it too far and make the colors look wrong.

That way, by trying to fix the colors you may make it further off from what you need than it was before! By adding very small amounts, you will have much more control over the finer color tones.

Remember that you can always add more paint but you can’t take out any that you have added!

The other takeaway to remember from this tip is that you’re not limited to using just black and white when making the colors darker or lighter.

In fact, we would rarely recommend using these for this purpose, as using colors that match the undertones is always preferable.

If you’re trying to reach a specific color, you have a lot of control over how the colors can look.

This is true if you are simply trying to come up with colors that are pleasing to the eye!

In summary

That concludes this guide on using pink and green in your art.

You may have been wondering what color does pink and green make when mixed, and now you see that it can be quite a wide range of colors.

With this in mind, you now have the tools you need to create some amazing colors for whatever you’re working on.

Whether you use pink and green separately or mixed together, there are so many possibilities to explore!

We hope that you will take what we covered in this guide and have a ton of fun getting creative with it!

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