Star Stamped Earth Day Craft

Every spring as Earth Day approaches I look forward to talking about our Earth with my children and making a fun Earth Day craft with them.

We also have some favorite books we love to read that give some fun ideas for Earth Day activities to participate in like gathering up litter in your neighborhood or participating in a recycling program.

This year my daughter and I made this quick star stamped Earth Day craft to celebrate the beauty of our Earth. It’s super simple to make and the results are stunning!earth day craft 3

How to make a Star Stamped Earth Day Craft

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Supplies Needed to Make this Star Stamped Earth Day Craft

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Instructions for this Star Earth Day Craft

1. Begin by pouring some white paint onto your paper plate. Dip one of your star cookie cutters into the white paint and stamp it onto your black construction paper. Dip the star cookie cutter into the white paint again and make another star print. Continue with the other star cookie cutters, dipping and stamping until your black construction paper is full of stars. Set it aside for the paint to dry.

earth day craft

2. Color your coffee filter with your green and blue markers. We tried to color a few larger bodies of land on the filter and then filled in the rest with the blue so it would look like our planet Earth. After you are finished coloring the coffee filter, spray it with your water spray bottle, saturated it so the color blend together. Set it aside to dry.

3. When both your white paint and coffee filter are finished drying, finish your star stamped Earth Day Craft by gluing your coffee filter Earth onto your black construction paper filled with stars.

earth day craft 4

Another fun idea would be to make several different sized coffee filter globes colored with different colors to represent different planets and glue them around your Earth. This would make an awesome solar system craft for preschoolers or Kindergartners.

earth day craft 2

Some of our favorite Earth Day Books for Kids:

I Can Save the Earth by Alison InchesDora Celebrates Earth Day! by Emily Sollinger
It’s Earth Day! by Mercer Mayer
This is Me and Where I Am by Joanne Fitzgerald

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