Choose your perfect shade of Chartreuse!

These are the on-trend shades of Chartreuse for 2024 – which will you choose?

Chartreuse may not be the most well known color name, but it certainly is hard to miss it! This bright green color may seem a bit intense for common usage, but that’s not always the case.

When used well, it can be an amazing statement color for your decorating. This collection of 25 amazing chartreuse shades will help you to choose the right shade for you.

Here are our Readers Most Voted for Shades of Chartreuse


RGB: 127, 255, 0
Hex: #7FFF00
Common Uses: Funky styles and color accents.
Matches well with: Light blue.


This standard shade of chartreuse is a vibrant, rich shade that may seem like a bold color. If used minimally and paired with milder or more neutral colors, it can be an incredible color accent and can be used for modern, funky styles.

Lime Chartreuse

RGB: 223, 255, 0
Hex: #DFFF00
Common Uses: Kitchens or bright bedroom color schemes.
Matches well with: Light Red


Lime chartreuse has a much more yellow leaning hue to it, and this makes it even more bright and vibrant. The color is dulled so as not to be neon colored, and this makes it quite good for kitchens or bright rooms.

Electric Chartreuse

RGB: 204, 255, 0
Hex: #CCFF00
Common Uses: Color accents and retro themes.
Matches well with: Light blue.


Electric chartreuse is another vibrant color that could be used for a retro theme or as a great combination with other colors. You will definitely make your space a lot more vibrant if you incorporate it!

Neon Chartreuse

RGB: 154, 255, 2
Hex: #9AFF02
Common Uses: Modern styles and color accents.
Matches well with: White


Neon chartreuse may seem a bit too bright and vibrant for average usage, but it can be a stylish choice! If you alternate with white and neon chartreuse elements, it can be a stunning modern combination.

Spring Chartreuse

RGB: 192, 255, 0
Hex: #C0FF00
Common Uses: Kitchens or modern bathrooms.
Matches well with: Light orange.


Spring chartreuse dials things back a bit for a slightly more subdued option. It’s more of a darkish yellow, which makes it a warm option for areas such as kitchens or even a modern styled bathroom.

Can you picture yourself using this color?

Citrus Chartreuse

RGB: 175, 255, 0
Hex: #AFFF00
Common Uses: Vibrant décor and color highlights.
Matches well with: Deep blue.


Sometimes, small dashes of color in a space with a more subdued color scheme can make a big difference. You could have pillows and other accessories in citrus chartreuse to contrast against a more muted color scheme, for instance.

Acid Chartreuse

RGB: 182, 255, 0
Hex: #B6FF00
Common Uses: Warm bedroom color schemes and décor.
Matches well with: Light purple.


Acid chartreuse is another vibrant shade that can be used as a color highlight or as a dominant color if used correctly. I love the green richness of this shade, and think it could be quite stunning if you use it wisely.

It’s bright without being too overpowering, making it rather versatile.

Pear Chartreuse

RGB: 230, 255, 0
Hex: #E6FF00
Common Uses: Kitchens or dining rooms.
Matches well with: Beige.


We’re taking a short break from the greenish hues for something more yellow. Pear chartreuse is a rich, pastel yellow that could be a warm choice for your kitchen, dining room or similar area.

It will definitely catch the eye of any of your guests!

Honeydew Chartreuse

RGB: 240, 255, 0
Hex: #F0FF00
Common Uses: Vibrant spaces and kid’s rooms.
Matches well with: Light orange.


Honeydew chartreuse is a funky, youthful color with lots of brightness to it. You could use this as a color highlight or perhaps for the bedroom of a kid or teen that loves bright colors.

It’s also great for art projects and designs!

Green Yellow

RGB: 173, 255, 47
Hex: #ADFF2F
Common Uses: Dining rooms or bathrooms.
Matches well with: Vibrant blue.


Green yellow is a bit more subdued than many shades on this list, but it still maintains some vibrancy. This could be an amazing choice for a dining room or even a trendy bathroom.

Pairing it with a bright blue will make for an eye-catching combination!

Lawn Chartreuse

RGB: 124, 252, 0
Hex: #7CFC00
Common Uses: Nursery murals and art projects.
Matches well with: Bright red.


Lawn chartreuse is so bright that it may be a bit much for everyday décor unless kept very minimal. It could be perfect for a forest themed mural or some funky art projects! Making it work in other areas is certainly possible though.

Bright Chartreuse

RGB: 154, 255, 2
Hex: #9AFF02
Common Uses: Kids rooms and modern designs.
Matches well with: Pastel purple.


Bright chartreuse is a vibrant and stunning shade that also can look amazing if used wisely. It’s perfect for kid’s rooms, as they will love the brightness and vibrancy of this color. You could use it in some fun designs and projects as well.

Harlequin Chartreuse

RGB: 63, 255, 0
Hex: #3FFF00
Common Uses: Party décor and fun designs.
Matches well with: Light red.


I love the name of this shade, as it gives off a feeling of fun and laughter. The shade itself is equally fun and vibrant, and it’s one I really like.

It would be a wonderful choice for a kid’s party or bedroom!

Canary Chartreuse

RGB: 255, 255, 153
Hex: #FFFF99
Common Uses: Office spaces or home exteriors
Matches well with: Pale pink.


For something completely different, we have canary chartreuse, one of the mildest shades we have seen so far. This one isn’t as exciting, but it’s a lot more versatile and easy to incorporate into large spaces.

You could even use it for a home’s exterior walls!

Pistachio Chartreuse

RGB: 147, 197, 114
Hex: #93C572
Common Uses: Bedroom or living room walls.
Matches well with: Lavender purple.


Pistachio chartreuse is another fairly mild shade that still has a lovely green hue to it. Even though it’s colorful, it’s just mild enough that it remains quite a practical and versatile shade to use in your home.

Light Lime Chartreuse

RGB: 211, 255, 206
Hex: #D3FFCE
Common Uses: Home exteriors or interiors.
Matches well with: Light pink.


Light lime chartreuse is a subtle color that is a very light blue. This softness makes it perfect for the walls of pretty much any room or setting you could want it for, and it won’t overpower any existing décor.

Limeade Chartreuse

RGB: 169, 223, 191
Hex: #A9DFBF
Common Uses: Living room or bedroom walls.
Matches well with: Light purple.


Limeade chartreuse is a slightly darker variation on the previous color. So, if that one was a bit too subtle, you might want to go for this one for a bolder color statement.

Have you got a room in mind for this shade?

Kiwi Chartreuse

RGB: 142, 229, 63
Hex: #8EE53F
Common Uses: Vibrant spaces and modern styling.
Matches well with: Vibrant purple.


Kiwi chartreuse brightens things right up again as a vibrant, striking shade. It can also be a good color accent, or can be alternated with complementary colors to create some really interesting interiors.

Pair it with purple for a really beautiful color combo in your modern designs!

Lime Sherbet Chartreuse

RGB: 210, 246, 165
Hex: #D9FFFF
Common Uses: Nurseries or kid’s rooms.
Matches well with: Beige.


Lime sherbet chartreuse is a wonderfully soft, subtle color. This makes it ideal for a child’s nursery walls, as it won’t be overwhelming and will help to calm the young one down.

It could also be used on the walls of other rooms to great effect.

Mint Chartreuse

RGB: 189, 252, 201
Hex: #BDFCC9
Common Uses: Cool color schemes and bedroom walls.
Matches well with: Light pink.


Mint chartreuse is a soft enough shade that it can be used for interior walls where the décor needs to catch attention. This makes it a great contrast to brighter elements in a room that can look really amazing!

Fresh Chartreuse

RGB: 143, 255, 0
Hex: #8FFF00
Common Uses: Party décor and kid’s rooms.
Matches well with: Neon pink.


If the previous shade was too muted for you, fresh chartreuse brightens things right back up! This is a vibrant shade that is perfect for bright parties or kid’s spaces to bring some excitement.

Vibrant Chartreuse

RGB: 205, 255, 0
Hex: #CDFF00
Common Uses: Living rooms and dining rooms.
Matches well with: Orange.


Vibrant chartreuse certainly is rather vibrant! However, it’s just muted enough that it has a mature feel to it. It can be used in many different scenarios and can be paired with colors like orange for a vibrant color explosion.

Electric Lime

RGB: 204, 255, 0
Hex: #CCFF00
Common Uses: Kitchen or living room walls.
Matches well with: Bright blue.


Electric lime sits right on the border of yellow and green, and it brings a wonderful sense of warmth and vibrancy to a space. Paired with bright blue, you will have an eye-catching combo indeed!

Jelly Bean Chartreuse

RGB: 168, 228, 160)
Hex: #A8E4A0
Common Uses: Bedrooms or offices.
Matches well with: Light beige.


Our final shade is another more muted one. This lovely cool color creates a feeling of calm and tranquility, so I would use it for an office or a bedroom color scheme.

Can you see yourself using this shade?

In Summary

Chartreuse has a lot of variety to it, as some of these were bright and striking while others were more subtle. My favorite was harlequin chartreuse because it’s just so bright and exciting!

Do you prefer the brighter neon colors like me, or do you prefer the more muted colors?

Now you can choose whatever works best for the spaces you want to decorate in your home!

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