How to Make Inside Out Inspired DIY Popcorn Boxes

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I’ve been finding bits and pieces of popcorn on my couch and under my couch cushions for the last few days. While finding crumbs normally irks me since my kids aren’t typically allowed to eat in the family room, this time it’s actually a happy reminder of our fabulous family movie night from a few nights ago. Sometimes you just have to look past the mess and have fun, right? We watched Inside Out in theaters several months ago (on opening night nonetheless) and ever since walking out of the theater, we have anxiously been waiting to own a copy of the movie. When we saw that it would be available on November 3rd, you can envision me at Target that day, giddy as can be, with my copy of Inside Out in my cart and other supplies needed to make some fun Inside Out inspired DIY popcorn boxes for our family movie night.

For my family, movie night isn’t complete without three things. First and most importantly, you have to have a good movie. If the rave reviews aren’t already enough to convince you, Inside Out is awesome! I was so happy to purchase our DVD/Blu-Ray copy at Target because it includes 20 minutes of exclusive bonus content and deleted scenes.

We found our DVD/Blu-Ray copy of Inside Out conveniently displayed in the front of the store by the check out registers, but you can also find it in the electronics department in the movies section. While you are there, make sure to grab all the supplies you need to make some DIY popcorn boxes for your family movie night. I love how Target is a one-stop shop for everything you need when it comes to movie night! 

The second thing you need for a great family movie night is craft time. It’s not so much the craft that is necessary, but the family bonding time that happens while you make the craft. It’s a time for you to all to sit around the table talking, laughing, giggling and creating all while enjoying each other’s company. We always make a craft inspired by the movie we are going to watch.


Supplies you will need:

  • cardboard party favor bags
  • party streamers (we used blue and green)
  • blue, yellow, purple, red and lime green paint
  • purple pipe cleaners (optional- you may also just purple construction paper)
  • glue dots (optional-for adding on the purple pipe cleaner)
  • markers
  • construction paper
  • glitter glue
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue stick


1. Gather all of your supplies. Use your scissors to cut off the twine handles from the cardboard party favor bags. Paint the front of the party favor bag according to what character you are making. My children all decided to create Anger but for all intents and purposes I’m sharing a version of each character with you today. Let the paint dry completely.

2. Use your construction paper, markers and pencil to create the facial features of your character. Create eyes, eyebrows, a nose and a mouth.

The important thing to remember is that this craft time is all about fun. Whether the boxes end up looking exactly like the characters or not, it doesn’t matter. Each child will have different abilities based on their age so just encourage and help each child along the way if they ask.

3. After finishing with the facial features add hair to your popcorn box characters. For Joy, Sadness and Disgust, we used party streamers. I loved the added texture the streamers gave the boxes. For Fear we bent and used a purple pipe cleaner for the hair and eyebrows. The easiest way to adhere the pipe cleaner to the bag is with a mini glue dot. For Anger we used yellow construction paper for his hair.

4. Finish your popcorn boxes by adding glitter glue details. We added it inside the eyes, hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Let the glitter glue dry completely.

The last thing you need for a great movie night is of course…popcorn! Once your DIY popcorn bags have finished drying, pop some popcorn and fill your boxes with it. For some added fun, mix some yellow candies into your popcorn for “core memories”.  

It’s a toss up for me of who my favorite character is because I like so many things about each one of them, but I definitely have a thing for Disgust’s long, sparkly eyelashes. My kids though, hands down, adore Anger the most. Since we’re a bunch of redheads, I guess that fiery personality just runs in our blood (wink).

With Inside Out in the movie player, your popcorn boxes in hand and filled with popcorn, you are now ready for a fabulous movie night!

You can find Inside Out online at Target, and connect with Target on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What are your tips for making family movie fun at your house? 

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