Cute Hedgehog Template – 3 ways to make Hedgehogs for Fall!

Our simple hedgehog template is sure to inspire you to get crafting with your kids this fall and autumn season while learning all about woodland animals.

Fall is the perfect time for learning all about the changing seasons and for exploring cute forest and woodland animals. Hedgehogs are among my favorite forest animals so today I am excited to share three easy ways to create a lovely hedgehog craft with our craft template.

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Want to skip right to the good stuff? Catch a video of us creating all three hedgehogs near the bottom of this post.

3 Easy Hedgehog Crafts with our Template

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Supplies needed to start your Fall Hedgehog Craft for Kids:

Creating the Base for your Hedgehog Craft:

Step 1: Download and print out the printable hedgehog template on tan cardstock.

Step 2: Use scissors to cut out the hedgehog pattern.

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Step 3: Add glue on the back of your hedgehog and glue it on a sheet of light blue cardstock.

Now choose one of the three easy crafts methods below to add details to your lovely hedgehog craft.

Leaf Hedgehog Craft

Using leaves to create a hedgehog craft is a long time favorite for kids. But if you don’t have fallen leaves in your yard? Here’s a fun way to create a cute hedgehog craft with foam leaf stickers. Not only is using stickers great for strengthening fine motor muscles in the hands, but what kid doesn’t love playing with stickers?!

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Additional Supplies needed for Leaf Hedgehog:

We received our foam leaf stickers from our friends over at Oriental Trading. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Step 1: Gather your foam stickers. Remove a leaf sticker from the sticker pad, or remove the backing from a leaf sticker, and place it along the back of your hedgehog to created a pointed spine.

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Step 2: Continue placing foam leaf stickers along the entire back of the hedgehog. Then continue adding stickers in layers inside the hedgehog body from top to bottom to make a 3D effect of spines on your hedgehog back.

Step 3: Glue a googly eye sticker on the hedgehog face. Then a small black pom on the end of the hedgehog template for a nose. Lastly, use a black marker to draw a cute hedgehog smile on your craft.

Fork Painted Hedgehog Craft

Painting with a fork is a fun art technique for kids of all ages to enjoy. Here’s a simple way to turn those printed fork prongs into hedgehog spikes on the back of our hedgehog template.

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Additional supplies needed for fork printed hedgehog:

Step 1: Add a squirt of glue about the size of a half dollar on a small paper plate.

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Step 2: Dip the end of a plastic fork into the brown paint, coating the fork prongs. Print the fork along the back of the hedgehog to create spines poking off the hedgehog.

Continue dipping the fork and printing it all over your hedgehog template, covering it in with spines.

Step 3: Glue a googly eye sticker on the hedgehog face. Then a small black pom on the end of the hedgehog template for a nose. Lastly, use a black marker to draw a cute hedgehog smile on your craft.

Ruler Lines Hedgehog Craft

Learning how to trace a straight line with a ruler is a necessity for elementary-age children. Here’s a fun way to get practice with a ruler, all while creating a unique looking hedgehog.

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Additional supplies needed for ruler traced hedgehog:

Step 1: Place your ruler along the back of the hedgehog template. Draw a straight line about 1 1/2-inches long along your ruler with a brown marker, colored pencil or crayon. Start by creating lines at the top of your hedgehog back to resemble spines coming off the back of the hedgehog.

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Step 2: Continue drawing lines with your ruler in layers, covering the entire hedgehog. For extra texture and dimension, draw lines in several different directions around the back of the hedgehog craft.

Step 3: Glue a googly eye sticker on the hedgehog face. Then a small black pom on the end of the hedgehog template for a nose. Lastly, use a black marker to draw a cute hedgehog smile on your craft.

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More Fun Hedgehog Craft Ideas

These adorable hedgehogs are made entirely of paper and are great for preschoolers needing some extra scissors cutting practice. Bonus, this simple paper hedgehog craft has a printable template too.

Here’s another fun way to create a leaf hedgehog craft by using real leaves as a stamp. Such a fun process art activity for little ones for the fall season.

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Video Tutorial: How to Make 3 Easy Hedgehog Crafts

Watch the video below for a step by step guide on how to make these fun fall crafts with our hedgehog template. Find more easy animal crafts and fall arts and crafts ideas by browsing the categories at the top menu bar of our website.

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