Fourth of July Fireworks Craft

With July 4th fast approaching, I took some time yesterday to make some fun glitter fireworks with the kids. It is so simple and they turned out so cute!

Materials you will Need:
-Black sheet of construction paper

1. have your child use their glue to draw firework shapes on their black sheet of construction paper. I assisted my 4-year old on drawing one of them so he knew what I meant.

2. Sprinkle glitter on top of the glue. I had one of those glitter caddy’s that I purchased at Wal-Mart that came with 6 different bright colors, so we tried a different color for each firework.

3. Turn the paper upside to remove the glitter and let it dry completely. This works really good if you add the glitter with the paper inside a cardboard box, but we just carefully turned our paper onto our plastic placemats and then I pushed all the glitter towards the middle and poured it into a sandwich bag to use on a future project.

They turned out so fun! With all the different colors of fireworks on the paper it looks like the Grand Finale.  🙂

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