Cupcake Liner Hot Air Balloon Kids Craft

Cupcake Liners are so fun and versatile for crafting…In fact, I’ve been working my way through the alphabet the past year coming up fun crafts for every letter. Today I’m sharing how to incorporate the letter H with cupcake liners with this cute and simple Hot Air Balloon Kids craft. It’s a perfect little craft for spring.

Supplies you will need:

  • blue sheet of cardstock paper
  • white and brown cardstock paper
  • 1 regular-sized cupcake liner (any color or pattern)
  • white string
  • scissors
  • markers
  • glue
1. Start by cutting some clouds out of your white cardstock paper and glue them onto your blue cardstock paper.
2. Cut a square from your brown cardstock paper and glue it to the bottom of your blue cardstock paper. Add a line of glue up from the top corners of the square and add two pieces of white string onto the glue.
3. Glue your cupcake liner at the top of your two strings.
4. Use your markers to draw a person inside the hot air balloon. Or you can leave it empty. You could also use a white cupcake liner for the hot air balloon and have kids decorate it themselves with markers and sequins.
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