Choose the perfect shade of Aqua for you!

These are the on-trend shades of aqua for 2024 – which will you choose?

Aqua has to be one of the most calming colors in the spectrum, as it calls to mind calm waters and tropical feelings.

This makes it a popular choice for décor and color schemes that are meant to invoke calm and peace. But how can you choose the right shade for your space?

Here we have 25 of the top aqua shades in one place so that you can decide what will work best for you.

Here are our Readers Most Voted for Shades of Aqua


RGB: 255, 244, 79
Hex: #00FFFF
Common Uses: Nursery walls and calming spaces.
Matches well with: Vibrant red


For our first shade, we have the classic aqua color you likely think of when you hear the name. This is a vibrant, eye-catching shade that would look beautiful on the walls of a nursery or room with a calm vibe and décor.

Light Aqua

RGB: 102, 255, 255
Hex: #66FFFF
Common Uses: Bathroom spaces or calm living rooms.
Matches well with: Rich Red


If regular aqua is a bit too harsh for your taste, then you may consider light aqua. This beautiful shade is much milder, and so it would be more preferable to anyone with subtler tendencies in their style.

Dark Aqua

RGB: 0, 206, 209
Hex: #00CED1
Common Uses: Beach homes and water décor.
Matches well with: Pastel Purple


Dark aqua makes me think of the deep blue sea, and so it could be perfect for any room with an ocean or water theme. Of course, it would also be a marvelous choice for the walls of a beach house.


RGB: 127, 255, 212
Hex: #7FFFD4
Common Uses: Swimming pool areas and vacation houses.
Matches well with: Pastel pink.


Apart from regular aqua color, aquamarine may be the most well-known shade of aqua, for good reason! It’s a personal favorite of mine, and I think it would be perfect for pool areas, vacation houses and outdoor areas.

Turquoise Aqua

RGB: 64, 224, 208
Hex: #40E0D0
Common Uses: Relaxing bedrooms or bathroom spaces.
Matches well with: Pastel Red


Turquoise aqua is another lovely shade that is subtle yet vibrant. It would be perfect for relaxing spaces such as bedrooms, offices and other places where calm is sought after.
What other spaces could you use this beautiful shade?

Electric Aqua

RGB: 0, 245, 255
Hex: #00F5FF
Common Uses: Bedroom walls and party décor.
Matches well with: Bright pink.


Electric aqua is a funky, vibrant shade that really catches the eye. It would be perfect for the bedroom walls of a child or as a color scheme for a party setting. These are just a few of the uses for this vibrant shade!

Seafoam Aqua

RGB: 32, 178, 170
Hex: #20B2AA
Common Uses: Swimming pool and water themed areas.
Matches well with: Maroon.


Seafoam aqua is another bright and breezy shade that isn’t as in your face as some other shades. It would be great for swimming pool areas, beach houses and water themed rooms.
I’m sure you can think of some other uses for your own home and décor!

Teal Aqua

RGB: 0, 128, 128)
Hex: #008080
Common Uses: Adult bedrooms or living rooms.
Matches well with: Dark green.


When it comes to color shades, some people prefer bright and vibrant ones while others like darker ones. This one falls into the latter category and is a rich and mature shade of this beautiful color.
It would be a great fit for classy bedroom color schemes.

Pastel Aqua

RGB: 173, 238, 238
Common Uses: Calming bedroom walls and offices.
Matches well with: Light pastel pink.


The subtlety and lightness of pastel aqua gives it a lot of versatility. It isn’t remotely overpowering, so you could make it work in pretty much any room, but I think it would be best in a bedroom or maybe an office setting.

Caribbean Aqua

RGB: 0, 188, 212
Hex: #00BCD4
Common Uses: Vacation homes and tropical themed décor.
Matches well with: Dark orange.


Caribbean aqua is well named, as the vibrant blues make me think of the Caribbean Ocean. For this reason, I would love to use this color for a vacation home or any kind of tropical or beach theme.
What could you use it for?

Robin’s Egg Aqua

RGB: 0, 204, 204
Hex: #00CCCC
Common Uses: Room accents and children’s play rooms.
Matches well with: Pastel purple.


Robin’s egg aqua has a lovely vibrancy to it and also gives off a youthful feeling. Kids will love this color as it’s relaxing yet bright and cheerful. Using it in a children’s playroom would be an excellent fit!

Celeste Aqua

RGB: 178, 255, 255
Hex: #B2FFFF
Common Uses: Office spaces or living rooms.
Matches well with: Lilac pink.


Celeste aqua is another mild shade that is somewhat neutral and subdued. You could use this in many settings where you don’t want the color scheme to be overpowering or eye-catching.
Office spaces would be a good fit, as the color is classy, mature and calming.

Tiffany Aqua

RGB: 129, 216, 208
Hex: #81D8D0
Common Uses: Home facades and bathroom décor.
Matches well with: Pastel purple.


Tiffany aqua is another subtle shade, but one that is a bit more vibrant than some of the lighter shades we’ve seen. You could use it as a home façade color scheme for a breezy appearance that won’t look out of place.

Sky Aqua

RGB: 135, 206, 235
Hex: #87CEEB
Common Uses: Ceilings and boy’s bedrooms.
Matches well with: Light green.


Sky aqua definitely lives up to its name, as it looks like the sky on a beautiful clear day. For this reason, I would use it as a relaxing ceiling color, but it could also make for a lovely bedroom wall color.

Ice Aqua

RGB: 113, 201, 225
Hex: #71C9E1
Common Uses: Meditative spaces or relaxing bedrooms.
Matches well with: Light purple.


As the name suggests, ice aqua is a cool shade that causes a feeling of relaxation and calm. I would love to use this as the color scheme of a meditation room or a living area that I want to feel calm and relaxing.

Deep Aqua

RGB: 0, 139, 139
Hex: #008B8B
Common Uses: Boy’s bedrooms or more muted décor.
Matches well with: Dark red.


Deep aqua is a rich, dark blue that creates a more intense yet still relaxed feeling. You could use it for a boy’s bedroom or as an accent in a room that has a more subdued, muted style.

Peacock Aqua

RGB: 51, 161, 201
Hex: #33A1C9
Common Uses: Party décor or younger kid’s rooms.
Matches well with: Pastel orange.


Peacock aqua is another color with a great name, as much like the bird it captures your attention! I would definitely use this for party decorations and décor or for the room of a younger child who loves blue.

Mint Aqua

RGB: 152, 251, 152
Hex: #98FB98
Common Uses: Kitchen walls or home exterior.
Matches well with: Light pastel pink.


Mint aqua is such a beautiful, light shade that does indeed remind me of mint ice cream! It would make a perfect fit for kitchen walls or even a home exterior. It would be quite a versatile color that would suit a wide range of scenarios.

Jade Aqua

RGB: 0, 168, 107
Hex: #00A86B
Common Uses: Bathroom towels, décor.
Matches well with: Deep purple.


Jade aqua is one of the darker shades we’ve seen so far, but I think if used minimally this can be a wonderful accent to a color scheme. In some instances, it could be used a lot more and really work, too! What do you think of this shade?

Aqua Foam

RGB: 217, 255, 255
Hex: #D9FFFF
Common Uses: Bedroom walls or house exteriors.
Matches well with: Light pink.


Aqua foam is a wonderfully subtle color that may not be eye catching but is a very versatile shade. You could easily use this for any spaces where the wall colors are not meant to be the main attraction.

Lagoon Aqua

RGB: 0, 191, 255
Hex: #00BFFF
Common Uses: Beach décor and color accents.
Matches well with: Burnt orange.


Lagoon aqua is another shade that makes you think of sparkling tropical waters and beach scenes. For that reason, I would use this for any kind of beach themed décor or for color accents to complimentary color schemes.

Powder Aqua

RGB: 176, 224, 230
Hex: #B0E0E6
Common Uses: Subtle color schemes and bedroom walls.
Matches well with: Light pastel Purple.


Powder aqua does feel like a light, powdery shade. This is another one that is great for a subtle color scheme that isn’t meant to draw attention from the rest of the décor and color accents.

Electric Cyan Aqua

RGB: 0, 255, 255
Hex: #00FFFF
Common Uses: Playrooms and pool settings.
Matches well with: Vibrant red.


Electric cyan aqua is a somewhat neon shade of aqua that could be a bit harsh for more subdued settings. It would be lovely for a playroom or a swimming pool setting, to name a few examples!

Mediterranean Aqua

RGB: 102, 205, 170
Hex: #66CDAA
Common Uses: Kitchen or living room walls.
Matches well with: Deep purple.


Mediterranean aqua is a darker shade that would suit a wide variety of tastes and settings. It makes me think of a kitchen or living room setting, but I think you could adapt it to pretty much any room, style or décor.

Glacier Aqua

RGB: 108, 166, 205
Hex: #6CA6CD
Common Uses: Bedrooms or offices.
Matches well with: Pastel brown.


We’re ending this collection with what is probably my favorite shade of aqua. I love how deep and rich this shade is without being overpowering. I’m considering using this color for my bedroom remodeling, what about you?

In Summary

There are so many amazing shades of aqua to choose from, but I hope seeing them all laid out here helped you to decide what’s best for your purposes.

If I had to choose a favorite, I would choose glacier aqua, but it’s not an easy choice as there are so many amazing shades. What are your favorite shades of aqua in the collection?

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