Paper Plate Fish Kids Craft {using liquid chalk}

This weekend we were feeling like making an ocean craft. It’s been a while since we got out our Fun Chalk markers so we pulled them out with some paper plates and came up with this super fun Paper Plate Kids Craft using liquid chalk. The Fun Chalk not only adds fun, bright detail to the fish but it’s a great way to make the craft more open-ended where kids can create a truly unique fish. You might want to whip out several paper plates just for yourself because it’s so much fun you’re going to want to make more than one.

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Supplies you will need:

1. Start by painting the bottom of your paper plate with black paint and set it aside to dry completely.2. Cut two triangles out of your colored cardstock paper, one for the tail fin and one for the side fin.

3. Once your paper plate has finished drying, use your scissors and cut a triangle out of the end of the plate to make a mouth. Glue your googly eye onto your paper plate.

4. Use your Fun Chalkto decorate your fish with colorful scales. Use scalloped lines, or squiggle lines, or swirls. Decorate your fish however you’d like.5. Glue your tail fin at the back of the fish and then bend the top of your small triangle down and glue it onto the paper plate for the side fin.

6. Finish your paper plate fish by using your Fun Chalk to add more details to the fins.
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