Paper Bag Koala Craft for Kids

Koala’s are adorable aren’t they?! Yesterday we shared how we made a koala out of a paper plate and today I’m excited to share our Paper Bag Koala Craft for Kids. Not only is it super cute and easy to make, but I love how kids can use it as a puppet for pretend play after they make it. We have quite the growing collection of paper bag crafts so make sure to check out more of our ideas if you and your kids love them as well. 

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Supplies you will need:


1. Start by painting the bottom of your small paper plate with your gray paint. Also paint the front of your paper bag with your gray and white paint. Set them aside to dry completely.

2. When your paint is dry, staple your small paper plate to the bottom of the paper bag. Cut two circles out of your gray cardstock paper and staple them onto the sides of the paper plate for koala ears.

3. Cut slits along the bottom of the ears so it looks like hair.

4. Cut an oval shaped nose out of your black cardstock paper and glue it onto your paper plate along with your googly eyes. If you want to, you can also draw a mouth onto your paper bag koala with a marker.

This little koala guy turned out super adorable and he is so fun to use as a puppet. We haven’t made our trip to the library this week yet, but we are planning on searching for some koala themed books to use our puppet with.

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Paper Plate Koala Kid Craft

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