Paper Bag Hippopotamus Kids Craft

I am seriously obsessed with paper bag crafts! I love how paper bags are such a perfect base for a myriad of crafts and I love how afterwards the crafts are able to couple as a puppet for awesome pretend play. My preschooler and I recently read one of her favorite books, HICCUPotamus, and after we read it I had a flashback and remembered when we made our Paper Plate Hippopotamus Craft a few years ago. We decided to make one again, but this time, of course, we added in the paper bag and created this adorable Paper Bag Hippopotamus Kids Craft.
paper bag hippopotamus kids craft 2

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Hurry and whip out the paper plates and paper bags because you and your kids are going to love making this cute hippo. The addition of the mini marshmallow teeth really make this one super fun for preschoolers!




Supplies you will need:

paper bag hippopotamus kids craft 6



1. Start by cutting the sides off of your two paper plates to make the shape of a hippo face. Fold one of them half. Paint the bottom of the unfolded paper plate gray. Paint the inside of the folded paper plate with your flesh tone paint and one half of the bottom of the paper plate gray. Let them dry completely.


2. Also, paint your paper lunch bag gray and let it dry completely.


3. Cut two ears and two nostrils out of your gray cardstock paper.


4. Use your stapler to staple the hippo mouth onto the bottom of the gray paper plate. Then staple the hippo face onto the bottom of the paper lunch bag.

paper bag hippopotamus kids craft 7


5. Glue your ears, nostrils and googly eyes onto your hippo.


6. Finish your hippo by gluing teeth on the inside of the mouth with your tacky glue.


paper bag hippopotamus kids craft 4


My daughter and I have been having so much fun with our hippos. To make the hippo more personalized, try painting it a different color like pink, blue or purple. As a side note, I definitely recommend gluing the marshmallow teeth on with the tacky glue. It tends to be more secure than traditional school glue and since the puppet will be played with, it needs that extra bit of strength.


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paper bag hippopotamus kids craft


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