How to Make a Paper Robot -Easy Father’s Day card idea for kids!

Get ready for dad and grandpa’s heart to melt when you give them this adorable robot Father’s Day card. Grab our easy template in our shop and follow along this post as we show you how to make a paper robot craft. This simple paper card idea is super easy for preschoolers and kids of all ages to create.

Robots are such a cute theme for crafting any time of the year. We designed this fun robot craft around Father’s Day but the adorable message on the inside of the card could be used for Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day or for giving to any one you love all year long.

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We have two different options for making this adorable robot card. In the first option the outside of the paper robot says “Beep Bloop…Do you know who love you?” in a robot text and a photo of a child is glued on the inside of the card for a special surprise for Dad or grandpa. The added photo definitely makes the paper robot a keepsake to treasure forever.

The second robot card option says “Beep, Bloop Beep…” on the outside of the card. Inside the cute saying is finished with “Means I love you in Robot.” Either option is sure to make the recipient’s heart melt!

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How to Make a Paper Robot Card for Father’s Day

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Supplies needed for Father’s Day Card:


Instructions for making Paper Robot Craft:

Step 1: Purchase and download the robot Father’s Day card template. Choose which version of the robot card you want to make and print out the template pages needed on cardstock paper. At the top of each page of the template you will find notes in the upper left corner of what color to use for printing each page.

Step 2: Cut out each of the pieces of the template.

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Step 3: The rectangle card piece of the template has a dashed line down the center of the card. Fold it in half along the dashed line to make your folded card.

Step 4: Glue the front saying of your card on the front of your folded card.

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Step 5: Use a glue stick to glue the robot hands and feet onto each of the arms and legs. Then glue the robot head onto the neck. Finally, glue the arms, legs and head onto your robot card.

Step 6: Add googly eyes on your robot face. Then use markers to add details to your robot (i.e., mouth, lines on arms, legs and neck).

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Step 7: If using the template for a child’s photo, glue the 4-inch by 4-inch photo on the inside the robot card.

Step 8: Make the antennae for your robot. Place a pony bead onto the end of chenille stem. Fold the end of the chenille stem down and twist it around itself to secure the pony bead onto the end. Trim the antennae to the length of your choice. Then tape it onto the back of your robot head.

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Step 9: Add dots of Tacky Glue on the front of your robot card and then add pony beads on the glue. These take on the look of buttons on the front of the robot.

Your Robot Father’s Day card is complete

To add an extra personal touch to your paper robot craft, children can write a personal message on the inside of the card to the recipient.

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Video Tutorial: How to Make a Paper Robot Craft Card

Watch the video below for a step by step guide on how to make this easy rocket ship craft with our template.

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