Fun with Fish!!

My son asked if we could do a project so thought this fish project would be quick and easy! I WAS SO WRONG!! Let’s just say the tin foil cutting was NOT FUN!! Whatever you do, don’t attempt to cut tinfoil while trying to cook dinner at the same time (I nearly burnt everything). I handled this project easily with my oldest, (excellent preschool activity) but toddler was out of control with the painting and it was way too complicated for him. Lesson learned! At any rate, I think they turned out cute and we are still enjoying crafts at our house.

How to Make:

1. I Googled images for “Fish Clipart” and printed out several different fish patterns to work with.

2. After cutting out the fish pattern, paint the fish however you want.

3. While the paint is drying, cut out several strips of gill pattern out of tinfoil. (This really is an adult job in my opinion because it tears so easily).

4. Glue the tin foil pieces to the fish in layers starting from the tail and continue to the head to make a 2-D effect.

4th of July Fun