Easy Father’s Day Fish Card

We created this Father’s Day fish card as a sponsored post for Michaels. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, my children and I have been busy thinking of creative ways to use the materials we have on hand to make something special for Dad and Grandpa this year.

This easy Father’s Day fish card we are sharing today is perfect for those Dads and Grandpas who love to go fishing, and it’s a great way for kids to stay creative at home.

Some of my children’s and my favorite family memories during the summer months is getting up early and going fishing with my husband and Dad, who my kids call Papa. This was the inspiration behind this simple Father’s Day card.

Kids will have a blast using their creativity to make this cute fish card as a way to let loved ones know they are “o-FISH-cially” the greatest on Father’s Day. It’s super easy for little makers to create too since you only need a few simple craft supplies.

Square image with Father's Day fish card propped up in the center on a stand on a pink table with white shiplap background

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Easy Father’s Day Fish Card for Kids

While we created this fun fish card with Dad and Grandpa in mind, you can customize it to give to any loved one or friend any time of the year. Little makers can also create it as a teacher appreciation gift to let their favorite teacher know they are the best.

No matter who the recipient is, they are sure to smile from ear to ear when you give them this cute craft.

Read our step-by-step instructions below to see how easy it is to create your own fish card in no time at all.

Supplies needed to make a Fish Card

Instructions for how to Make this easy Father’s Day Card

1. Start by flattening your two cupcake liners. Cut a small triangle out of the top of one of the cupcake liners for the fish mouth. Now cut your second cupcake liner in half and discard one of the halves. Cut the remaining half in half again. Set aside one of the triangle sections for your fish tail. Then, trim the second triangle a bit and cut off the pointed tip. This section is the fish fin.

2. Add glue to the tip of the fish tail triangle and attach it to the bottom of the fish body. Then, glue the fish fin in the center of the fish body.

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four image collage showing tutorial steps for how to make a fathers day fish card

3. Use a glue stick to glue down a section of bakers twine from the top center of your blue cardstock paper.

4. Add glue on the back of the cupcake liner fish. Glue it in the center of your blue cardstock with the bakers twine fishing line coming out of the fish’s mouth.

5. Glue a large googly eye on your fish.

6. Use a marker to write a Father’s Day message at the bottom of your blue cardstock. We wrote “It’s oFISHcial, you are the greatest Dad!” You can customize the message for any loved one for Father’s like Grandpa, Uncle, or Papa. Use another colored marker to underline “FISH” on your message to make it stand out.

7. Choose a blue crayon and draw water wave marks around your entire Father’s Day fish card. Your fishing card is now complete and ready for you to give to Dad and Grandpa for Father’s Day.

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