Easy Painted Mouse Rocks

Summer is the perfect season for rock hunting! In this post, learn how to make sweet little Painted Mouse Rocks, perfect for kids of all ages.

Rock hunting groups are popping up faster than movie theater popcorn in cities around the country, and for good reason. Rock hunting is a fun way to get outside into nature, spend time with family, spread kindness, and unite communities.

Rock Mouse 9

If you like painting and hunting for rocks, then you will love our adorable Painted Mouse Rocks. They are fun to hide in fields, wood piles, or around the base of trees. With soft felt ears and whimsical wiggly eyes, they are perfect for kids of all ages.

Just don’t hide them in your mother’s kitchen cabinet!

Rock Mouse 5

How to Make Painted Mouse Rocks

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Supplies Needed to Make these Painted Mouse Rocks

Instructions for these Painted Mouse Rock Craft

After gathering supplies, paint the rocks grey. We looked for rocks that had a flat bottom and round top, similar to the shape of a mouse’s body.

Rock Mouse 6

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While the paint is drying, make the mouse’s ears by cutting 2 grey ovals and 2 smaller pink ovals. Glue the pink ovals to the grey ovals, then fold the bottom and secure with hot glue. Glue the ears to the sides of the rocks.

Rock Mouse 8

Next glue two wiggly eyes to the front of the rock. Use black and pink paint to give your mouse a nose, whiskers, and a mouth. If your paintbrush isn’t thin enough to paint whiskers, try using a toothpick instead.

Last, glue a strand of pink yarn to the back of the mouse.

Mouse Rock 4 copy

Label your rock with your family’s hashtag and the URL of your local rock hunting group.

Rock Mouse 4

Hide and enjoy!

Looking for more fun ways to craft with rocks? Check out this adorable pet rock lion craft or these gorgeous patterned rocks made into a snake.

Rock Mouse 2

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