Dyed Cotton Ball Sheep Craft

This dyed cotton ball sheep craft is our last activity for the week. It’s so fluffy and fun and it goes along perfectly with the nursery rhyme Baa, Baa Black Sheep or as a cute Easter or spring craft for kids.

“How does a sheep get clean? …He takes a baaaath!” My daughter ate a Laffy Taffy with that silly joke on it this afternoon. We giggled at the joke and then smiled at how it coincided perfectly with all of the sheep-themed activities we’ve been doing this week.

Square image of finished cotton ball sheep craft.


The dyed cotton balls in this craft gives this sheep a fun fluffy texture. Using the cotton is also great way to talk about the different things sheep help to create with their wool.

While we made this a black sheep craft, you could also leave the cotton balls unpainted to make a fluffy white sheep. Read our easy instructions below for how to make this fun spring craft with your kids.

Supplies needed to make this sheep craft:

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Instructions for making this dyed cotton ball black sheep

1. Pop over to Fun-A-Day to see how to dye your cotton balls black. You’ll want to do this step the night before to allow time for them to dry. Plan on about 19-20 cotton balls per sheep.

2. Glue your black dyed cotton balls all over your small paper plate.

Close up image of finished cotton ball black sheep craft.

3. Cut out a sheep face, ears and legs out of your black cardstock paper. Glue them onto your sheep body. Then finish your sheep by gluing on your googly eyes.

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Finished black sheep craft laying next to Baa, Baa Black Sheep book.

We have enjoyed coupling all of our sheep activities this week with the book Baa, Baa, Black Sheep by Jane Cabrera.

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Vertical image of black sheep craft with the words "Dyed Cotton Ball Sheep Craft" in top right corner.

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