Dragonfly Craft for Kids

We are on a roll this week with dragonfly crafts. After we made our paint strip dragonfly earlier this week I took a look at the extra paint stirring stick I had and realized it was also perfect for making a Dragonfly craft too. 

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Supplies you will need:

1. To make your dragonfly wings, cut two leaf shapes out of each paper plate. Glue two of the leaf shapes together with your tacky glue, overlapping them some to make two wings. Do the same with the other two leaf shapes.
2. Paint your paint stir stick with your turquoise paint and let it dry completely.
3. Once your paint stir stick is dry, use your tacky glue to glue your wings onto your paint stick and glue your two small poms at the top of the stick.
4. Finish your dragonfly by decorating your wings with glitter glue.

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