Cupcake Liner X-Ray Fish Craft

I have been slowly working on crafting my way through the alphabet with cupcake liners and decided it would be fun to make an X-Ray Fish for the letter X. I have seen a lot of crafts for X-Ray fish portraying them as looking like what you’d see on an x-ray machine, but in fact the X-Ray fish is actually a silver color with a red tail fin and yellow and black stripes on it’s fins. You can read more about them HERE.

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Supplies you will need:

  • gray/silver cupcake liner
  • red and gray cardstock paper
  • Q-tips
  • black and yellow markers
  • googly eye
  • glue
  • white crayon
1. Start by cutting out 2 fins from your gray cardstock paper and a tail fin from your red cardstock paper.
2. Glue your gray fins to the top and bottom of your gray cupcake liner. Glue your tail fin and cupcake liner onto your blue cardstock paper.
3. Use your black and yellow marker to make stripes on your fins.
4. Glue your q-tips onto your gray cupcake liner. Glue on your googly eye and draw a mouth on your X-Ray fish with your black marker.
5. Finish your artwork by using a white crayon to draw bubbles and water waves.
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