Cupcake Liner Shark Kids Craft

My daughter and I read Gilbert the Great the other day at bedtime. After reading it we decided it would be fun to make a cute Cupcake Liner Shark Craft to go along with the book. I am excited to share it with you today because it turned out adorable! It would go great with any shark themed children’s book or for an ocean theme in preschool.
Cupcake Liner Shark Pin

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Supplies you will need:

1. Start by gluing down the middle section of your gray cupcake liner onto your blue cardstock paper. Leave the outside edges of it unglued for now.
2. Cut a triangle shape out of your mini gray/silver cupcake liner. You should end up with three pieces shown in the picture below.
3. Glue the triangle under the top of the gray cupcake liner. Glue the other pieces on the sides near the bottom to make shark fins. Now finish gluing down the outside edges of the gray cupcake liner.
Cupcake Liner Shark 1

4. Cut your white cupcake liner in half and glue half of it at the bottom of your gray cupcake liner.

5. Cut a mouth out of your red cardstock paper and glue it onto your shark.

Cupcake Liner Shark 2
6. Use your white chalk marker to draw teeth inside your mouth. Also, glue your googly eyes onto your shark.
7. Finish your artwork by drawing wave marks on the blue cardstock paper with your white chalk marker.
Cupcake Liner Shark 3


There are lots of different shark books you can pair this craft with, fiction or non-fiction. We paired it with Gilbert the Greatby Jane Clark.

Other children’s Shark books you might like:
Cupcake Liner Shark 5
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