Cupcake Liner Fox Craft

Cupcake liner crafts are one of my favorites! It’s been a while since we made one so as I was going through my bag of cupcake liners today it hit me that they would make the most adorable little fox craft.

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Supplies you will need:

1. Start by opening up your orange cupcake liners. Fold the bottom of one of the liners underneath to give it a straight edge and glue it down in the middle of your blue cardstock paper.
2. Glue your mini white cupcake liner in half and then glue it to the bottom of your orange cupcake liner.

3. Cut four legs out of your orange cardstock paper and glue them to the body of your fox. Also cut a tail out of your orange paper and a tip for your tail out of your white cardstock paper. Glue them onto the back of your fox.

4. Take your other cupcake liner and fold in two sections to make a point at the bottom. Glue the cupcake liner at the front of your fox body with the point facing down.

5. Cut out two triangles from your orange cardstock paper and glue them to the top of your fox head. Also cut a heart shape out of your white cardstock paper, cut it in half and glue the sections to the bottom of the face.

6. Finish your fox by gluing on two googly eyes and at the tip of the face glue on a small black pom for the nose.

Try coupling this fun fox craft with one of these children’s books:

The Fox in the Dark by Alison Green

The Tomten and the Fox by Astrid Lindgren



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