Thankful Writing Prompt Family Activity

Every November I like to challenge my family to be thoughtful all month long about things they are thankful for. We used to do the classic thankful tree every year when the kids were younger but last year I switched it up a bit and this year we’ve also decided to try something new.

I started by making an 8″x10″ printable with the writing prompt “Today I’m most thankful for…” I included 5 lines at the bottom so each member of our family could have a writing space. If you’d like to download a copy you can click on the picture below.

I printed it out on white card stock paper and put it in an old turquoise frame we weren’t using. Each member of the family has a different colored dry erase marker and every day they get a turn writing something they are thankful for.

So far we’ve had a “toy-related” day amongst the kids…


And a day where I felt very appreciated.  🙂
(And my husband’s answers always crack me up at the bottom!)

My two youngest children (3 and 6) have loved doodling around on this so much the last couple days that I’m thinking about making them their very own with just one line at the top and an open space at the bottom for drawing a picture every day. Especially for my three year old, since she can’t write her own response every day.

Using the picture frame is great because the dry erase markers wipe right off of the glass with a paper towel. If you get any build up at all just spray a little Windex on your paper towel and wipe the glass clean and your good to go.

Last year we turned a tissue box into a turkey and placed our thankful messages inside the box during the month of November. On Thanksgiving we took turns taking them out of the box and reading them together as a family. You can read about how we made it HERE.


Do you have any family gratitude or Thanksgiving traditions each year?


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