Preschool Fruit and Vegetable Sort

We are back with another collaborative preschool learning post! This week the theme is Food. I am sharing two ways we worked on differentiating between our fruits and vegetables by sorting them, and I am including a free printable worksheet for you to try out at home.

The first sorting activity we completed was straight forward and simple. We started by collecting all the fruit and vegetable pretend food that we have and two baskets for sorting (my preschooler helped me with this). Tape a label to each basket labeled “Fruit” and “Vegetable”. If you don’t have baskets you can just tape your labels to the floor.

To start our sort, I asked my daughter to help me read the labels on the baskets. In recognizing the first letter and sound in the word she was quickly able to differentiate between the two baskets. As she picked up each fruit and vegetable I challenged her to tell me what it was and then she put it in the appropriate basket.


The two tricky ones we had were tomato and cucumber. While they are in the vegetable section at the grocery store, they are technically fruits so it was a good opportunity to talk about them and how they contain seeds inside.


I also put together this Fruit and Vegetable Sort Worksheet for my daughter to get more practice. The worksheet is available for as a free download.


I loved incorporating a worksheet because not only did she get more practice sorting, but she also got cutting and gluing practice.



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