Paper Plate Groundhog

In honor of Groundhog Day on Thursday, we made Paper Plate Groundhogs yesterday. Technically I think they could pass for Beavers also, but they all pretty much look the same, right?!  🙂


Materials You Will Need:
Paper Plate
Brown Acrylic Paint
2 Large Wiggly Eyes
Black Marker
Ears, Nose and Teeth pieces (pattern found HERE)
Craft Knife (Used by Parent, obviously!)
6 Toothpicks

We started by painting the bottom of a paper plate with brown acrylic paint.


When the paper plate was completely dry, we started assembling it together. I free handed the ears, nose and teeth for the groundhog and made a pattern you can print off HERE. The nose will need to be on black card stock paper, ears on brown paper and teeth on white paper.

First, attach the black nose in the center of the paper plate. Then, glue on the wiggly eyes. Our wiggly eyes were graciously given to us by and they can be purchased at your local Walmart. Next, glue the ears to the back of the paper plate.

I used a black permanent marker to draw the mouth on the paper plates for my boys. Then I used a craft knife to cute a slit in each side of the mouth for the teeth to go in. Put glue at the top of the teeth and slide them through the slits. Press down on the mouth on top of the teeth to make sure they are securely in place.



Here is a picture of the mouth after I had cut the slits with the craft knife.


After the teeth were in place, the boys used the black marker to draw on eyebrows, make a line in the ears, and add hair between the eyebrows.



The final touch is adding 3 toothpicks on each side of the nose for the whiskers. If you have the flat toothpicks they are better, but since all I had was the round pokey ones, I just cut the ends off so they weren’t dangerous for the kids.



He sure is a cute little guy! Let’s hope he blesses us with an early Spring on Thursday.  🙂

Happy Crafting!!


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